Organic farming and beautiful nature in Eichstätt!

Pedals, paddles, lunchboxes - Eichstätt is the place where you can enjoy all these holiday pleasures. Cycling routes wherever you go. Water, wherever you need it for tours with the boat or canoe. Squares ideally located for sipping a cappucino. The university city on the Altmühltal Cycling Route presents itself as a both baroque and modern city, with contemporary and traditional aspects, and at the Environmental Hostel, Eichstätt also presents its ecological side.

Fossils at the Environmental Hostel
The finds from the quarries round about Eichstätt are as old as the hills. Go to one of the quarries to trace the dinosaurs footpaths, and be a hobby archaeologist. Until today, new finds from the Jurassic are regularly made in the city in the Altmühl valley. And if you can't find anything - not to worry, you can make your own fossils at Eichstätt Environmental Hostel. This offer is targeted, like many others, at school classes and participants are supervised by an educationalist.
Beekeeping, geocaching, climbing - be spoilt for choice and never cease to be amazed: that's our motto. For instance, marvel at the archaeopteryx and friends. The primitive bird seems to be set in stone, a flying dinosaur with a wing span of 11 metres - and that's just one of the exhibits at the Jurassic Museum at Willibaldsburg.
Those who check in at the Eichstätt Environmental Hostel are active, be it for a class trip or a family holiday. Enjoy quality time as a family at Eichstätt Environmental Hostel and take your loved ones for an discovery tour. On land or on the waters - the air, however, we'll leave to the birds.
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