The Prices can be downloaded here (in german).



  • Children under 3: free

  • Children 10 and under: discount, as you can see in the price folder

  • No additional 27 and over tariff for group leaders, teachers, members of training programs and continuing education seminars


Additional Tariffs

  • Guests 27 years and older: € 3.00 per night (applies to guests not accompanying minors)

  • Bed linens: € 4.00 (optional; guests can bring their own in all hostels except Dessau, Halle, Magdeburg and Wittenberg)

  • Additional costs apply for double and single rooms

  • Some cities (Schierke, Wernigerode, Thale, Quedlinburg) are officially recognized resorts and you have to pay recreation taxes (must be paid upon arrival)