Discover the Thuringian cities

Come to Erfurt, Weimar and Eisenach!

These cities offer a unique mix of history and tradition, modern and classic.

Weimar is of course the most exceptional city of Classicism and was also the European City of Culture in 1999. Every street or lane represents the colorful history of the city. There is the “Cultural Mile” in the city center with the famous monument to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller outside the German National Theatre (Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar) and 27 museums have been attracting visitors from all over the world to this city on the River Ilm. Therefore 16 unique items have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This also includes the Bauhaus and its venues in Weimar.

In Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia, you can discover the imposing ensemble of St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Severus Church in Cathedral Square (Dom St. Marien und Severikirche, Domplatz). The traditional “Cathedral Steps Festival” is held every summer on the stairway to this sight. The Merchants’ bridge (Krämerbrücke) is Europe’s longest street bridge to have survived complete with buildings. Discover the old town houses on Fish Market (Fischmarkt), the tradition-rich ega garden show (egapark) or the Petersberg citadel (Zitadelle Petersberg).

The most famous fortress and landmark in Thuringia is the Wartburg Fortress (Wartburg) in the city of Eisenach. It has been one of the selected UNESCO Heritage Sites since 1999. The sights of Eisenach are deeply linked to history and itself important personalities like Luther and Bach.

The huge amount of art and culture in these cities is closely connected with the work of major representatives of German cultural and intellectual life. Museums, theatres, exhibitions and concert halls invite visitors to experience the works of the poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, composer Johann Sebastian Bach or painters Lucas Cranach and Otto Dix. Encounter a varied program of different events, like concerts, theatre and festivals up to traditional markets and fairs.