Future of Europe - Online Hackathon


Short Overview:


5th June 2020; 7:00pm -09:00pm and 6th of June 2020; 10:00am -2:00pm (max.)/ Time zone Berlin (GMT+2)

Where?Cosy at home and online all over Europe
How?By sending an E-Mail to international.headquarters@jugendherberge.de until deadline 1st of June 2020 (with your name and country)
Who?Everyone who wants to discuss about Europe and the future!
Costs?This is the best: IT'S FOR FREE!

Hackathon & what is on??

A “Hackathon” is a collaborative online event. Usually it’s used for developing software joining forces from developers from all over the world. BUT- Don’t worry we are not coding! We want to use it as a collaborative platform for your ideas, thoughts and creations for a FUTURE OF EUROPE. You will meet people from many other European countries and get to know them.

If you have project ideas or discussions impulses raising the questions:
How can Europe grow together more strongly despite the Corona crisis?
What helps to develop a solidary future of Europe?

  • This is the place to share them and start something from it!

Ideas could be e.g. we need a cyber-network among young Europeans for sharing experiences in education and establishing learning teams.
If you have no ideas, you can participate nonetheless. There will also be workshops for:

JOIN us by sending an E-Mail to international.headquarters@jugendherberge.de

Our Partner Associations

Rough outline/ Program


Do you already have ideas? Let us know in advance (by sending an E-Mail to international.headquarters@jugendherberge.de)

Core questions:

  •  How can Europe grow closer together despite the Corona crisis?
  •  What changes need to be discussed? (Especially among the youth)

Which practical things are needed? (Especially among the youth)

  • A project idea could be: we need a cyber-youth network for sharing experiences in education / fund network / helping tools)

DON´T FORGET: Each idea is calling a CHALLENGE!

During the Hackathon:

Day 1 - 5th June 2020; 7:00pm -09:00pm

  1. Welcome everyone, getting to know each other
  2. First idea exchanges (very informal) & having drinks together! 

Day 2 - 6th of June 2020; 10:00am -2:00pm (max.)

  1. Introduction about the tools used
  2. All CHALLENGES presented during 2 minutes
  3. Find your work-group
  4. Participants sent into “Teams-Chatrooms” per group (working phase)
  5. Common presentation: about 40 minutes in total – about 10 minutes presentation for each group
  6. Hurray & farewell!

Presented by
Ass.ne LKL Onlus/ Italy
DJH/ Germany
FUAJ/ France
MOBAD/ Poland
Rasio Perspektiva/ Latvia
Seiklejate Vennaskond/ Estonia