Ottobeuren - where Günztal valley opens up like a clam...

You travel through the gentle slopes of the foothill plateau, with its large fields, lush meadows and pastures and densely forested areas on your way to Ottobeuren, clearly marked by the two spires that can be seen from afar. Then the western Günz valley opens up, revealing a view to Ottobeuren, nestled between the baroque basilica and Benedictine abbey at an altitude of 660 m. Under the powerful influence of the glacier, this landscape was created millions of years ago. Over many centuries, even surfaces were turned into arable land while the forests were preserved on the slopes and increasingly cultivated. Ottobeuren was founded where the valley offered the largest surface for a population to spread.

Freizeitangebote in /an der Jugendherberge

  • 2 Tischtennisplatten (Outdoor)
  • Große Spielwiese zum Fußball und Volleyball spielen
  • Grillhütte mit Feuerstelle für Lagerfeuer
  • Video- und DVD-Raum, Kicker, Billard
  • Playstation III (in der "Gamestation")
  • Ausleihservice für Indoor- und Outdoor-Spiele
  • Speed-Soccer-Platz
  • Beachvolleyballplatz

Freizeitangebote in der näheren Umgebung

Ausflüge & Exkursionen

  • Freizeitbad Nautilla
  • Affenberg Salem
  • Insel Mainau und Bodensee
  • König-Ludwig-Schloss Neuschwanstein
  • Ausflüge nach München 100 km), Bodensee (75 km), Oberstdorf (80 km), Augsburg, Zoo (70 km), Ulm, Münster (75 km)

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