Leisure tips

Welcome to Weimar!

"Where else can you find so many things in such a small place?", Goethe once asked when he came to Weimar. Just like back then, today the art world continues to be drawn to Weimar. Here the spirit of German Classicism is alive. Modernism, too, has left its mark on this place thanks to Bauhaus. Weimar is the cradle of German democracy, a highly significant place of cultural education for people from around the world.

Leisure activities in/at the Youth Hostel

The Youth Hostel has a television and an internet terminal.

Leisure activities in the vicinity

In the immediate vicinity you will find open-air and indoor pools, a 3D cinema and a bowling alley. Weimar, the "City of Classics", boasts numerous museums such as the Goethehaus, the Schillerhaus and the Bauhaus Museum. The Youth Hostel's service-oriented team will be happy to assist you in planning your own stay in the 1999 European Capital of Culture.

Sightseeing and excursions

You can of course always go on excursions to the area surrounding Weimar or to other Thuringian cities such as Eisenach, Erfurt, Gotha and Jena - the Youth Hostel team will be happy to assist you in planning your stay.

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