102 beds in 30 rooms, mostly four-bed rooms, all rooms with wash basin. There are ten rooms and one holding area for supervisors as well as four common rooms and a party room. TV, table soccer, indoor and outdoor table tennis, playground, volleyball, barbecue area and fireplace, barefooter trail.

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We provide you an environment, which is ideal for families with children:

  • A common room to play just for families.
  • Family rooms with shower/toilet and cots.
  • Programs for a varying but relaxing stay.
  • Menu for children
  • Tools for infants and small children ( bottle heater, toilet seat, babyphone...)
  • Special areas in our dining room
  • At least 3 high chairs
Bicycle-friendly guesthouse bicycle-friendly accommodation
The Youth Hostels in Baden-Württemberg with a Bed+Bike sign in the entrance comply with the minimum requirements specified by the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club - General German Bicycle Club) and also offer various amenities for cycling guests.

  • You are welcome to stay just one night.
  • Your bicycle will be stored safely.
  • We have a place where you can dry your wet clothes and equipment.
  • We can provide the most important tools for minor repairs to your bike. The nearest workshop can help with larger repairs.
  • Equipped with information such as tourist maps as well as regional bus and train timetables, you'll find lots of attractive destinations in the area.
  • In the morning, when you wake up, you can expect a hearty breakfast that's just right for cyclists.
Additional offers of the Youth Hostel in Wallduern:

  • Advice regarding an eco-friendly arrival and departure
  • Pick up and delivery service for cycling guests
  • A range of detailed day-long rides
  • Reservation service for the next night
  • Information about cycle-friendly companies in the region
  • Packed lunch