Leisure tips

An educational trail at an easy pace: in Waldmünchen, time has slowed down. In our 13th-century castle, we take more time for the life's pleasures: nature, culture, music, sports and shared experiences. Our Youth Hostel is an educational institution. And so are its surroundings, where you can combine learning with and relaxing. Go on an outing to the countryside and learn about family-run farms and bioenergy. 200 km of hiking paths will even take you across the border to Bohemia. And you will learn about muscles you never even knew existed when you climb summits on your mountain bike. Alternatively, might want to take a plunge in the refreshing lakes - or into the depths of the middle ages. You will be amazed.

Leisure activities in the area

Bathing, swimming, relaxing: Aquafit water park offers bathing delights regardless of the weather.
If you prefer lakes, Perlsee lake near Waldmünchen, Eixendorfer See lake near Rötz or Silbersee lake near Treffelstein are the most beautiful spots to go to.
Next stop: self-confidence. At Perlsee lake, the natural high ropes course takes you through the treetops of pinetrees, firs and beeches along 40 stations.
Pure wanderlust: the Goldsteig is a hiking path that leads through the Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forests over a distance of 600 km.
Waldmünchen is a training camp for your calf muscles: the extensive network of mountain cycling routes makes the region an El Dorado for mountainbikers.
The Trenck festival, which takes place near the old city wall at night, commemorates the infamous Colonel of the Pandures, Franz von der Trenck, who once rode to Waldmünchen with his wild hord of Pandures.
Border region, Trenck museum, Upper Palatinate crafts museum, lace-making museum, Ludwig Gehard museum and dragon tower: even rainy days can be a delight with so many museums to go to.

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