Location & Arrival

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Ulm is on the southern slope of the Swabian Alb, where the Blau and Iller rivers flow into the Danube. The town boundary also forms the border between Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The town's landmark is the late Gothic cathedral with the tallest spire in the world. Legoland in Günzburg is a new and attractive destination for a day trip. The hostel is located on the southwestern outskirts of the town, near Ulm's sports and leisure centre towards Grimmelfingen.
Arriving by public transport

From the train station, take the number 2 tram line to direction "Kuhberg". At the last stop "Kuhberg-Schulzentrum"  cross the road in direction Kuhberghalle. Pass the Kuhberghalle and cross the parking spot of the Gym. Now you should be able to see the DJH flag. Just a few metres and you will arrive at our Youth Hostel.

Rail service for DJH members
The Community Travel GmbH offers DJH members discounted RIT tickets for a return journey within Germany - this applies only in conjunction with stays in a hostel. School classes and groups can make use of this offer. You must carry confirmation of your booking with you when travelling.

Our partner can handle your enquiry via the booking hotline +49 4845  79 18 464 or www.anreise-jugendherberge.de. Payment must be made ​​by direct debit. Tickets will be sent by post or online by e-mail. In the event of a cancellation, the ticket may be returned free of charge to the agency up to the first day of travel.

Arriving by car
  • The hostel is located in the southwestern part of the town, on the "Kuhberg" mountain" - aid to orientation nearby:
  • Kuhberg School Centre
  • Kuhberg Sports Centre
  • ASB = Arbeitersamariterbund (German aid and welfare organisation)
  • Driving directions from the A8 Stuttgart-Munich
  • Take the Ulm West exit
  • B10 towards Ulm
  • After the tunnel, first go "Richtung Donaueschingen" (towards Donaueschingen)...
  • Before the "Aral" petrol station turn right, follow the signs saying "Jugenderberge" ("Youth Hostel").
  • Driving directions coming from the north on the A7 Füssen/Lindau-Würzburg:
  • at the Ulm-Elchingen junction drive onto the A8 towards Stuttgart
  • take the Ulm West exit
  • B10 towards Ulm
  • Continue as above
  • From the south
  • At the "Hittistetten" junction exit onto the B28 towards Ulm
  • Cross the Danube and get in lane in good time to get onto the B311 towards Donaueschingen
  • Continue as above

Low emission zone Ulm
From January 1st in 2013, a (green) EURO 4 Sticker is needed to get access to all existing low emission zones in Baden-Wuerttemberg. To avoid problems, please get your sticker before travelling to our Youth Hostel.