Leisure tips

An excellent location!

An excellent location! Many attractions await explorers in and around Ulm. How about a quick visit to the minster and the old part of town? Or how about exploring the Danube by canoe? Ulm has been attracting visitors for a long time. The official history of Ulm started on 22 July 854 when King Louis the German sealed a document in Hulma palace. But Ulm has been in existence for much longer than that. Even as early as 5000 BC, there was a late Neolithic village near Eggingen. And in the Bronze Age, two important trade routes crossed the Ulm area: the "Donau-Nord-Straße" ("Danube North route") running from west to east and the "Albstraße" coming from Filstal valley. Right, then. On to Ulm.

The hostel is located on the southwestern outskirts of the town towards Grimmelfingen near Ulm's sports and leisure centre.

Leisure activities

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Football field

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Galgenberg - Adlerbastei ("Eagles Bastion") (2 hours)
  • Former Benedictine abbey of Wiblingen (2 hours)
  • Canoe trip on the Iller or Danube rivers (2.5 - 3 hours)
  • Herrlingen - Arnegg - Blaubeuren and its "Blautopf" (source of the Blau river) - Hammerschmiede (hammer mill) in Blaubeuren (4-5 hours)

Lots to experience

  • Blaubeuren with its "Blautopf" ("Blue Pot" - source of the Blau river) (20 km)
  • Legoland in Günzburg (35 km)
  • Federseemusem (archaeological open-air museum) in Bad Buchau (52 km)
  • Baroque village church in Steinhausen (52 km)
  • Augsburg (60 km)
  • Stuttgart (90 km)
  • Lake Constance: Meersburg, Mainau Island, lake dwellings (100 km)
  • Bregenz, Pfänder in Austria (110 km)
  • Füssen and its castles (120 km)
  • Munich (130 km)

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