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Die Lage ist ausgezeichnet

"Ziiieh!" Die Sportwelt kennt die Hochfirstschanze. Alljährlich drängen sich die Fans bei den Weltcupspringen um die Skispringer. Im Sommer zieht es die Wanderer ins Hochfirstgebiet. Und mitten in der herrlichen Landschaft des Hochschwarzwalds liegt Neustadt. Schon von weitem können Sie das Münster sehen. Neustadt hat Tradition. Und schon seit dem 13. Jahrhundert das Stadtrecht. Auch die sechs Ortsteile gab es schon im Mittelalter. Der berühmteste Ortsteil ist Titisee. An seiner Seepromenade trifft sich die Welt. Sind Sie dabei?

Die Jugendherberge Rudenberg liegt hoch oben auf dem Fullberg am östlichen Stadtrand von Neustadt.

Leisure activities

  • Outdoor pool in Titisee-Neustadt
    Cool down on hot days
  • Badeparadies Schwarzwald
    New water park with slides, wave pool, sauna and lot more in Titisee-Neustadt
  • Mini Golf

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Forest walk with a forester
  • Hike to the "natural forest pool" in Friedenweiler (about 1 hour)
  • Hike to the local mountain of "Hochfirst" and a climb up the lookout tower (about 2 hours)
  • Walk to Titisee (about 3 hours)
    Lake Titisee, with its famous lakeside road, is one of the most world-famous destinations in Europe. Walk through the Wutachschlucht (ravine) (about 50 km - different stages and routes)
  • Walk through the Ravennaschlucht (ravine) (about 3 hours)
  • Walks on Feldberg mountain
    This is where you'll find the largest nature reserve and the largest winter sports area in the Black Forest.

Lots to experience

  • Action Forest in Titisee - high ropes course - (about 8 km)
  • Monastery trip to St Margen and St Peter (about 25 km and 30 km)
  • Schluchsee (lake) (about 26 km)
    Visit the largest lake in the Black Forest
  • Source of the Danube in Donaueschingen (approx. 30 km)
  • Steinwasenpark (approx. 35 km) wildlife and leisure park
  • Brigach and Breg rivers - see for yourself two of the sources of the Danube and check if even more "rivers" flow into it...
  • Freiburg (minster and old part of town, planetarium, museums and theatres, Schlossberg hill, Schauinsland mountain) (35 km)
  • Mundenhof Zoo, Freiburg (40 km)
    This beautiful zoo is home to, among other animals, peacocks, gibbons and crab-eating macaques, brown bears, emus, ostriches, alpacas, yaks and llamas.
  • Guided tour of the ski jump in Neustadt
  • Europapark in Rust (70 km)
    Enjoy a great day out at Germany's largest theme park.
  • Vogtsbauernhöfe Gutach
    400 years history and culture at first hand in this open-air farming museum.
  • Clock Museum in Furtwangen
    The 150-year collection of Black Forest clocks is the most complete of its kind in the world and provides a profound insight into the history, tradition and culture of the Black Forest.
  • Triberg Waterfalls
    With a height of 163 m, they are Germany's largest and most famous waterfalls.

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