Tambach-Dietharz Youth Hostel

Our Family|Youth Hostel fulfils special quality criteria, meaning plenty of advantages for families. You will stay in family-friendly rooms, enjoy a fantastic range of facilities and feast on food that children are sure to like. Parents have a chance to unwind for once as their kids have plenty of fun playing games and sports outside.
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Opening hours
The house is open

7.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


4.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Prices 2023

B&B from Half board from Full board from
€ 33.00 € 41.00 € 44.00

The Youth Hostel is in a quiet yet central location in the district of Dietharz.

Tambach-Dietharz Youth Hostel has 120 beds in rooms with between 2 and 8 beds. Most of the rooms are equipped with an en-suite shower and WC, and 9 rooms have washing facilities.

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day off
Tagungsraum I 54 sqm 40 40 24 40 30 1 upon request
Tagungsraum II 32 sqm 30 26 20 - - 1 upon request
Saal im Bürgerhaus Tambach-Dietharz (mit Bühne 10 x 10 m) 300 sqm 250 200 100 150 80 1 upon request
Bärensaal (mit Bühne 10 x 12 m) 400 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Conference equipment

blackboard, flip chart, free wifi, microphone system, overhead projector, projector, screen, TV set, video recorder

Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day off
Tagungsraum A 54 sqm 3.0 m 40 25 1 yes upon request
Tagungsraum II 32 sqm 3.0 m 20 15 1 yes upon request
Ballettsaal mit Spiegelwand und Laminatboden 70 sqm 2.7 m 40 25 2 yes upon request
Saal im Bürgerhaus Tambach-Dietharz (mit Bühne 10 x 10 m) 300 sqm 3.0 m 100 100 1 yes upon request
Diskothek 60 sqm 3.0 m 50 30 1 yes upon request
Turnhalle 1 (2 Felderhalle) für Ballette - - - - GF yes upon request
Turnhalle 2 (2 Felderhalle) - - - - GF yes upon request
Bärensaal (mit Bühne 10 x 12 m) 400 sqm 6.0 m 300 150 GF yes upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

digital piano, stereo / PA equipment

Welcome to Tambach-Dietharz!

Set in the heart of the Thuringian Forest, Tambach-Dietharz is a natural hikers' paradise. Wander along the shores of the two large reservoirs all the way up to the Falkenstein, the largest free-standing climbing rock in Thuringia, or walk to "Ebertswiese" mountain lake.

Sightseeing and excursions

Whether you fancy a walk to the reservoirs or to Thuringia's largest free-standing climbing rock, the Falkenstein - the Hostel management team will be happy to assist you in planning your individual stay.

Some of the most beautiful walks near Tambach-Dietharz:

Trying the Rennsteig Trail

The walk takes you through one of the seven valleys, the Spittergrund, where you will see impressive rock formations and wild meadows lining the little "Spitter" river, all the way to the Spitterfall, Thuringia's highest natural waterfall. Following the water upstream, you will soon reach the Rennsteig Trail. Recharge your batteries at Ebertswiese mountain inn, or go for a cool dip in the nearby mountain lake. The return leg will take you along the Rennsteig Trail towards Neue Ausspanne. From here lots of paths lead back to Tambach-Dietharz, or alternatively you can take the bus.
Duration: about 5 hours

Reservoir walk
The path takes you through one of the seven valleys, the Mittelwassergrund, along the "Alte Tambacher" reservoir up to the "Köhlerhütte" resting place. From here you take a path upwards, at times climbing steps, to the "Steinernes Tor" ("Stone Gate") and later to the Kirchberg Trail, which takes you along the foot of the Buchenberg to Falkenstein climbing rock. On weekends the mountain rescue team's cabin is open, offering light snacks and drinks. Below the Falkenstein you'll find a small canyon with the rather apt name "Röllchen" ("Little Roll"), which is certainly worth walking through. From there it's not much further before the Schmalwasser reservoir, where you can walk along a paved road back to Tambach-Dietharz.
Duration: about 5 hours

Rennsteig Trail view
Take the bus to the "Neue Ausspanne" Rennsteig Trail car park, and set off from here towards Oberhof. After crossing the Wiedepfuhlswiese meadow, where you can take your first break at the mountain rescue hut, you carry on along the Rennsteig Trail to Sperrhügel hill. At an altitude of more than 880m you're already treated to magnificent views. The "Wachsenrasen" shelter provides your next opportunity to take a breather and sit out any downpours of rain, and it's barely 200m away from one of the most beautiful panoramic views (854m). Once you've taken in the sweeping views - on clear days you can see far off into the Röhn Mountains - return to the "Wachsenrasen" and follow the trail downhill towards Tambach-Dietharz, which opens out onto a paved road. From here it's worth taking a little detour to the "Hubenstein" rock, offering views of the area north of the Rennsteig Trail. Back on the paved road, continue downhill until the junction with the ascent towards Altenfels, the former site of a medieval castle, of which traces can still be seen in the rock today. From both upon the castle rock and down on the trail itself, you are treated to a magnificent view of the Schmalwassertal reservoir. From here there are various well-signposted routes back to Tambach-Dietharz.
Duration: a whole day

Footpath to Georgenthal
Passing the game reserve and the Bromacker, with the famous fossil excavation site, you soon leave the hiking trail and instead take the Fossil Nature Trail downhill to the banks of the little river called the Apfelstädt. Following the river, you eventually cross a wooden bridge and follow an old railway line to the hotel "Rodebachsmühle". After crossing the road, above the railway line you join the so-called "Zigeunerweg" ("Gypsies' Way"), which leads straight to the ice-cream parlour at Georgenthal's Kurpark. You can take the same route back or return by bus.
Duration of one route: about an hour and a half

Upon request we will arrange the necessary accommodation for you and organise luggage transfer!