Location & Arrival

The hostel is situated in the spa town of Erpfingen, famous for its air, 830 m above sea level and in the "Swabian Albs Geopark". There are many attractions and many possibilities for leisure activities in the area.
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Arriving by public transport
Arriving by train

The hostel is located 830 m above sea level, 2 km west of Erpfingen. The nearest railway station is about 24 km away in Reutlingen. There is a bus (the 7635) to Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen. The "Marktplatz" ("marketplace") stop is 2 km away from the hostel.

How to find us:

  • From the bus stop, go back down Marktstraße until the main road ("Albstraße"). Turn left into it. "Albstraße" later becomes "Stettener Straße". (200 m)
  • After about 600 m, just before leaving the village, a road turns off to the right. The youth hostel is already written on the sign in front of it ("Jugendherberge"). Turn right and stay on this road. (800 m)
  • After about 300 m, there is a road on the right going to the "Campingplatz" ("camp site"). Go straight on. (1,100 m)
  • After another 400 m, you will come to another street that turns to the right. This leads to the bob run ("Bobbahn").Stay on the main road that turns to the left. (1,500 m)
  • After 700 m, you will reach the hostel.

The total distance to the hostel is 2.2 km. This will take you about 30 minutes. The route is mostly uphill.
We can arrange luggage transfer for groups on request (€1.00 per person).
On request, we can pick up guests arriving by public transport at the bus stop.

Rail service for DJH members
The Community Travel GmbH offers DJH members discounted RIT tickets for a return journey within Germany - this applies only in conjunction with stays in a hostel. School classes and groups can make use of this offer. You must carry confirmation of your booking with you when travelling.

Our partner can handle your enquiry via the booking hotline +49 4845  79 18 464 or www.anreise-jugendherberge.de. Payment must be made ​​by direct debit. Tickets will be sent by post or online by e-mail. In the event of a cancellation, the ticket may be returned free of charge to the agency up to the first day of travel.

Arriving by car/bus
To drive to Erpfingen, take the B312-Reutlingen Riedlingen or the B313-Meßkirch-Engstingen and the Sonnenbühl exit.