Leisure tips

An excellent location!

Sigmaringen. The Hohenzollern castle, visible from afar, is the town's landmark. The town grew up around the castle and still bears the name of the Alemanni knight called Sigmar. On a stroll through the town, you can greet him at the historical town hall. Then visit the royal collections and the former state rooms of the princes in the castle. Would you rather enjoy nature today? How about a hike to the Nägelesfelsen cliffs or the Ingikofer grottos? Walkers and cyclists will find the area around Sigmaringen on the Danube a paradise. Fancy exploring the river? How about a canoe trip along the limestone cliffs? One of the most beautiful rock valleys of Germany awaits you. Impressive. Far above the still young Danube. Fancy taking part in a light athletics training camp? Athletes and ball players will find a training paradise here.

All sports halls and the smart stadium are nearby. Sometimes, you don't even need to cross the street. Ideal for young sportspeople! In addition, we serve healthy, balanced and tasty food for sportspeople.

Leisure activities

  • Running track
  • Sports fields, sports halls (5 minutes away on foot)
  • Canoeing on the Danube
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • High ropes course

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Danube Valley (0.5 - 6 hours)
  • Krauchenwieser Bathing Lakes (1 hour)
  • Nägelesfelsen (cliffs) - Old Castle (2 hours)
  • Laucherthal valley (3 hours)
  • Bittelschießer Täle (small canyon) - Bingen (4 hours)
  • Josefslust (forest area) (4 hours)
  • Inzigkofer Grottos (5 hours)

Lots to experience

  • Fungolfanlage Pfullendorf (fun golf) (20 km)
  • Federsee lake/Bad Buchau (20 km)
  • Open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck (35 km)
  • Zwiefalten Monastery (35 km)
  • Nebelhöle and Bärenhöhle caves near Sonnenbühl, Lichtenstein Castle (35 km)
  • Heuneburg with Celtic graves (50 km)
  • Hohenzollern Castle near Hechingen (70 km)
  • Ulm (80 km)
  • Lake Constance with the Flower Island of Mainau, Meersburg, stilt dwellings in Unteruhldingen (100 km)
  • Stein am Rhein in Switzerland (100 km)
  • Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen in Switzerland (120 km)

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