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Entdecken Sie deutsche Geschichte in der einstigen NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang.

Die idyllische Lage am Nationalpark Eifel bietet optimale Voraussetzungen für alle, die Erlebnisse im Freien suchen. Ein Wanderweg entlang des Urftseeufers führt durch den nördlichen Nationalpark zur einstigen NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang. Der Besuch des Geländes mit qualifizierter Führung durch Geschichte, Architektur und Projektentwicklung gibt interessante Einblicke in ein Stück deutsche Vergangenheit. Heute versteht sich der Ort als internationale Begegnungsstätte.

Leisure facilities in the youth hostel

  • Fireplace
  • Bistro with outdoor terrace
  • Barbecue area
  • Football ground
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court

Leisure facilities in the area

Sports, action, adventure - thanks to its location on the edge of the Eifel National Park, Gemünd Vogelsang Youth Hostel can provide a wide range of leisure activities. For schools, the hostel offers a range of school trips on the subject of nature study. School classes uncover together the diversity of the national park, explore the environment and experience all the facets of nature. Even the holiday camps for children and teenagers revolve around the activity of exploring the wilderness. Recreational groups and families can enjoy the idyllic scenery while hiking and biking - couch potatoes have no chance here. Hiking yes - but with a destination? No problem: a walk along the bank of Urftsee lake can be combined with a visit to the Ordensburg Vogelsang, the former Nazi estate. A guided tour of the grounds gives visitors an interesting insight into a piece of German history. If you're travelling with children, drive to Kall, 8 km away. In Aktivi-Kinder Abenteuerland ("Aktivi Children's Adventure Land"), younger and older children can play safely - even in bad weather.

  • A good way to get your first dan: Bundesleistungszentrum Taekwondo (a taekwondo sports centre) (5 minutes on foot)
  • Bathing fun: Freibad Gemünd (open-air pool) (5 minutes on foot)
  • Welcome to the wilderness: Nationalpark-Tor Gemünd (national park information centre) (10 minutes on foot)
  • Open to everyone: Ordensburg Vogelsang (former Nazi estate) (6 km)
  • Simply live better: Aktiv Park Hannes in Kall (6 km)
  • Action für kids: AKTIVI Kinder-Abenteuerland (adventure land for children), Kall (6 km)
  • Nature study: Wildniswerkstatt Düttling (wilderness workshop) (7 km)

Leisure facilities in the region

The Eifel National Park and its surrounding area have had a chequered past. Anyone wishing to understand the culture and history of the area has to start with a trip to the Freilicht Museum (open-air museum) in Kommern. Here you can experience with all your senses just how people used to live in the Eifel region. People often worked "underground" - you can find out what that means in the visitor mines in Mechernich and Rescheid. But cloth-making also once played an important role in the region. The Tuchfabrik Müller (Müller Cloth Mill) in Euskirchen is a completely preserved cloth mill from the early 20th century and is an "anchor point" of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

If you need a little relaxation after so much history, a visit to the baths and saunas of the Eifel-Therme Zikkurat will recharge your batteries. Or discover wild animals in Wildfreigehege Hellenthal - lynx, bears and eagles are especially popular with the little ones.

  • Water as far as the eye can see: Rur, Olef and Urfttal reservoirs
  • Eifel ahoy: Rur Reservoir/Rursee lake boat rides (14 miles)
  • Life 500 years ago: Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum) Kommern (km 14)
  • 600 m of sliding fun with music: Sommerrodelbahn (summer toboggan run) in Kommern (km 14)
  • Birds of prey, deer, bears: Wildfreigehege Hellenthal (gam reserve) (15 km)
  • Pool and sauna world: Eifel-Therme Zikkurat (18 km)
  • Mining live: visitor mines in Mechernich and Rescheid (each 18 km)
  • Tuchfabrik Müller (cloth mill) in Euskirchen
  • Abbey Mariawald, Steinfeld monastery
  • Hohes Venn (High Fens), Belgium

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