International Youth Meeting Centre
Welcome to Sachsenhausen Youth Hostel - International Youth Meeting Centre in Oranienburg near Berlin. Here, great emphasis is placed on experience and education, especially for young people. Learn about history in the nearby Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen. The building is on the grounds of historical Sachsenhausen concentration camp complex, and was built in 1938 as the official residence of the "Concentration Camp Inspector". The spatial relationship to the Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen is shaped in equal measure by proximity and distance: the memorial is a few minutes' walk away, but it is so far away that the building named after the Polish writer Andrzej Szczypiorski represents a separate, secluded area. The Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen see themselves as open centres of learning and offer visitors a variety of ways to come to terms with the history of the place. Especially for young people, who usually only vaguely know the history of Sachsenhausen, the International Youth Meeting Centre is a suitable opportunity to get to know young people from other countries and with other views. Students, young people and adults can choose the most suitable educational programme for them from a wide range of guided tours, art projects and workshops. These are the highlights of Sachsenhausen Youth Hostel:
  • International Youth Meeting Centre and memorial site
  • Explore electoral Oranienburg
  • Self-catering hostel for creative and cooperative co-existence
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Opening hours
The reception is open

9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.