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Regensburg - 2,000 years of history with a future

Regensburg, the world heritage site: In July 2006, UNESCO declared Regensburg's ancient city centre and its Stadtamhof district a world heritage site. In the high middle ages, Regensburg was an important political centre of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, and a prospering European trade hub. Regensburg's historic city centre is regarded as an extraordinary example of a well-preserved big medieval city. The patrician houses and dynasty towers, the cathedral and the old 12th century stone bridge are architectural highlights. And everything is close by - the historic city centre only covers an area of one and a half square kilometres. Today, a booming economy and over 20,000 students make sure that the UNESCO world heritage site is "young and old at the same time".

Leisure activities at the Youth Hostel

  • 2 table football tables
  • 3 outdoor ping-pong tables
  • Board games on loan

Leisure activities in the area

  • Football pitch, about 5 minutes walking distance
  • Water park with giant slides, about 20 minutes walking distance
  • Adventure playground, about 30 minutes walking distance

Outings and excursions

  • Walhalla
  • Befreiungshalle ("Hall of Liberation") in Kelheim
  • Danube breakthrough near Weltenburg
  • Bavarian Forest

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