Bon appetit!

The more diverse, the more mmm! We will happily take your individual wishes into account when planning our meals. Enjoy your meal!

Breakfast buffet

Various kinds of bread and rolls, butter, margarine, two or three varieties of "sweet spreads", coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, muesli, flakes or pops, two types each of cold cuts and cheese, some fresh toppings, yoghurt and/or quark (curd cheese).

Lunch buffet

Drink, salads, side dishes, vegetarian and meat dishes and desserts.

Evening buffet

Different kinds of bread, butter, raw vegetables or salad or "something hot", different types of cold cuts and cheese, tea or cold drinks - on request, we can also provide hot meals in the evening.

Morning snack (on request)

e.g.: coffee, tea, juice, water, fruit and quark (curd cheese).

Afternoon snack (on request)

e.g. coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a piece of cake or a pastry

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