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Explore the lively regional- and industrial history of Radevormwald.

The unique mountain landscape offers all nature lovers and active people impressive views of the Bergisches Land Nature Reserve. Small but great museums, monuments and numerous regional historical sites tell vivid stories of regional and industrial history. In its historic buildings, Wülfing Textilmuseum houses the largest steam engine of the Bergisches Land and is, therefore, one of the industrial monuments of European significance.

Leisure facilities in the youth hostel

  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Barbecue site
  • Campfire site
  • Disco room
  • Table football and board games
  • Well-devised cycle routes
  • Playing field
  • Shoot-out challenge
  • TV, VCR, DVD player

Leisure facilities in the area

Anyone coming to Radevormwald has one thing in mind - enjoying nature, experiencing real adventures and discovering the Bergisches Land region. Thanks to its position outside the town, Radevormwald Youth Hostel offers the ideal prerequisites to achieve all this.

The hilly landscape is a paradise for holidaymakers and sportspeople: enjoy long walks and hikes in the midst of a unique natural setting, or go on an exciting bicycle tour of the area. The team at the hostel can tell you about some well-devised cycling trips. The town itself is also worth a visit - after all, Radevormwald is one of the oldest towns in the Bergisches Land. The historical old part of town, with its narrow streets and monuments, is ideal for long walks. The symbol of the town - a skyline of four bell towers - can best be admired from outside the town.

School groups in particular experience adventures when taking part in the varied class trip that the hostel offers. Team spirit is strengthened with the fun and games offered by many demanding tasks. Nature safaris, adventure rallies and many more "programme blocks" offer a colourful mix revolving around creativity, cleverness and consideration.

  • For clear-sightedness: X-Ray Museum in Remscheid (9 km)
  • Careful - it's sharp: Klingenmuseum Solingen (German Blade Museum) (35 km)
  • Hands-on physics: Phänomenta in Lüdenscheid (25 km)
  • High in the sky: Wuppertal suspension railway (20 km)
  • Reservoirs: Bever, Wupper, Ennepe Reservoirs (13 km, 6 km, 10 km)

Leisure facilities in the region

Radevormwald is located in the Oberbergisch district. Many attractions in the Bergisches Land are just a hop, skip and a jump away from here. In Burg Castle in Solingen, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Middle Ages and discover original sites of bygone times. You'll feel really small at the sight of Müngsten Bridge, the highest steel lattice bridge in Germany. Fancy looking at wild animals? In Wuppertal Zoo you will encounter big cats, elephants and a lot more - from a safe distance, of course.

  • Back to the Middle Ages: Burg Castle (20 km)
  • Highest railway: Müngsten Bridge (20 km)
  • Beastly good: Wuppertal Zoo (31 km)

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