And still out for an extra bit of hospitality

Rolls and butter, musli and chocolate milk, noodles and sauce - dining together also whets your appetite to meet new people and make new friends. The dining room at Prora Youth Hostel is the perfect meeting place for amazing encounters. Irrespective of whether you are an athlete or culture freak, sunbather or touring type, bookworm or party basher, camper or house-dweller: Here, anyone can sit next to anyone at the table, or not, as they please.

This is what's on the menu:

Breakfast buffet

various kinds of bread and rolls, butter, margarine, two to three kinds of sweet spreads, coffee tea, hot chocolate, milk, musli, cereals, various kinds of sausage and cheese, various toppings, joghurt and/or quark

Lunch buffet

Packed lunch (drink, fruit, snack bar, your own homemade sandwich)

Evening buffet

Warm dinner, salad buffet, tea or cold drinks

Group BBQ evenings for dinner or other events, e.g. marinated meat, sausages, grilled vegetarian food, salads, drinks

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