Oberammergau - the varied outdoor paradise!

When the Ammergau Alps turn a glowing red, King Ludwig seems to be calling you to Linderhof Palace and the Passion Play is making you pensive - then you can feel the flair of Oberammergau. Leave your car at the Hostel and let your soul take a break.
Summer joys
There is so much to experience here, both in summer and winter. The only thing you won't experience is rush. Take your bike for a spin, hike at an even pace, up the mountain, down into the valley, along the valley floor, from summit to summit in th Ammergau Alps. The journey is the reward, and that begins when you set off at the Hostel.
Winter wonderland
In winter, crisp white snow beckons. Calls you out onto the ski tracks and pistes. There are cross-country tours and the downhill slopes on Kolben and Laber to suit everyone from beginner to expert. And the more difficult pistes can be quite intimidating - the steepest ski slope in Germany down Laber is not for the faint-hearted.
The Passion - alive and authentic
Whatever you decide to do- in Oberammergau, the world is still a good place. Only during the Passion Plays, the village turns into a beehive. Long beards, flowing robes - Christ's passion comes back to life like nowhere else in Oberammergau.
Learn more through the Alpine Studies Programme
You want to learn more than simply knowing the hiking trails, the Passion Plays and ski slopes? Then the Alpine Studies Programme is ideal for you to learn about the Alps' flora and fauna. Discover how unspoilt this region is when you climb its mountains, make cheese or go along with one of the other countless activities.
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