Leisure tips

Discover the nature around Monschau by bike or on a GPS-tour.

The North Eifel, the High Fens and the medieval town of Monschau - there is a lot to discover in the vicinity of the hostel . Well-signposted trails offer the best conditions for hiking, cycling* and trekking tours through the untouched landscape. Guests staying at the hostel can explore it by themselves by going on a GPS tour, such as the popular weekend programme for groups "GPS Treasure Hunt" (also available as taster weekend for families) or during the "Mission for Team Clever" school trip programme. A special highlight of the hostel are the guided bog walks, which the youth hostel offers in cooperation with experienced field guides.

* Monschau-Hargard Youth Hostel is on two of the most popular cycling routes in the Rhineland. While the Eifel-Höhen-Route is demanding, the Rur-Ufer-Radweg is a bike trail more suitable for recreational cyclists and families. In addition there is also the Vennbahn bike path, one of the longest cycling routes on railway tracks in Europe. It performs through the three countries Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. On 125 km distance from Aachen over the High Moor to Troisvierges, with an average gradient of about 2%, less sporting cyclist can enjoy great nature and a small piece of living Europe.

Leisure facilities in the vicinity

A must for everyone who stays at Monschau-Hargard Youth Hostel is a visit to the historic town centre with its 300 listed buildings. Stroll through winding streets and cross the small bridges and visit the "Red House", the former headquarters of the Scheiblers, a family of businesspeople. Here you can get a glimpse of the bourgeois domestic culture at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. You like it things a bit spicy? Then visit the historic mustard museum. Take a guided tour to learn how the famous Monschau mustard is made and what distinguishes it from others.

  • A medieval gem: historical town centre of Monschau (5 min Bus/20 minutes on foot)
  • Really hot: historic mustard mill, Monschau (2 km)
  • Upper middle class living: "Red House" Museum, Monschau (km 2)
  • History live: historic old town of Monschau (2 km)
  • Monschau craft fair (2.5 km)

Trips & excursions

Apart from the unique scenery of the Hohes Venn Nature Park and the northern Eifel region, the region around Monschau has even more to offer visitors. Here, visitors can experience live how chocolate is made - including nibbling! The Remouchamps caves, the world's longest navigable underground waterway, have a mysterious atmosphere. Not only Belgium but the imperial city of Aachen is also easily accessible and well suited for a day trip.

  • The "black art": Druckereimuseum Weiss (printing museum) in Monschau-Imgenbroich (2 km)
  • 2000 years of glass history: glassworks, Monschau (2.5 km)
  • For water lovers: indoor adventure pool in Monschau (20 minutes by bus/40 minutes on foot)
  • 150 years of brewing: Brewery Museum in the old town of Monschau (2.5 km)
  • Giant slide: summer toboggan run in Rohren (5 km)
  • Belgian neighbours: "Botrange" nature park centre (24 km) and "House Ternell" (11 km)
  • On the tracks of the forester: nature trail (4 km)
  • Water wheel: historical sawmill (4 km)
  • Imposing relic: Vogelsang Castle in the Eifel National Park (23 km)
  • Nature beckons: national park in Monschau-Höfen (15 min bus)
  • Steady drip: stalactite caves in Remouchamps (60 miles)
  • Imperial city: Aachen (60 min by bus)
  • High altitude adventure trail "Raffelsbrand" (20 km)

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