Leisure tips

Freizeit-Tipps rund um die Jugendherberge Meppen

Ein Land wie gemalt! Mittendrin steht die Kultur in voller Blüte: Unsere Jugendherberge, stadtnah gelegen auf einem von Wasserläufen umflossenen idyllischen Areal, gehört zum internationalen Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen. Kunst und Theater, Archäologie und Geschichte stehen auf unserem Spielplan. Auf unserem Gelände haben wir sogar ein eigenes Zirkuszelt! Hier haben kreative Kräfte freie Bahn. Und auch sonst haben wir viele Freizeit-Tipps für Ihren Aufenthalt in Meppen – staunen Sie los!

Leisure activities in/at the Youth Hostel

  • Cafeteria with billiards at the Hostel
  • Multi-sensory relaxation room
  • Barbecue area
  • Area for ball games
  • Boat jetty
  • Playground
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Basketball hoop
  • Table tennis (indoors and out)
  • "Café Koppelschleuse" at the Koppelschleuse
  • Theatre room
  • Sculpture park
  • Digital camcorder and camera
  • Multimedia cube with microphone
  • Piano

Leisure activities in the vicinity

  • Canoe rides on the Ems and Hase, boat jetty at the Hostel
  • Bike tours, bicycle hire nearby
  • "Familienbad Meppen": open-air and indoor pool
  • Lake for bathing at Schlagbrückener Weg
  • Modern track and field stadium opposite the Youth Hostel
  • Outdoor sports facilities at Versener Straße with numerous sports grounds
  • Skater park behind Nagelsdorf town sports hall, with mini-pipe, fun box and quarter pipe
  • Koppelschleuse lock: An incredible feat of engineering
  • Art centre: Home of the "Meppener Kunstkreis", with "Grafotek" & School of Art
  • "Alte Schule" ("Old School") Bokeloh: Permanent exhibition looking back at when Otto Pankok stayed here
  • Church in Bokeloh: One of the oldest churches in the Emsland
  • Cooling tower of the decommissioned gas power station, with what the Guinness Book of Records recognises as the largest world map on the planet, painted by Swiss artist Christoph Rihs.
  • Archaeological Museum: Special exhibitions and educational museum programmes
  • Arenberg'sche Rentei: Museum charting Meppen's past
  • Stone burial site in Apeldorn: Huge boulders left behind by glaciers from the last ice age
  • Jewish memorial: Commemorating the destroyed synagogue
  • Museums of mills and maritime transport
  • Emsland Moor Museum in Groß Hesepe
  • Historic Town Hall: Meppen's famous landmark
  • Gymnasialkirche: Jesuit church designed by Abbot Karl Immendorf
  • Propsteikirche: Triple-naved late Gothic hall church made of sandstone blocks
  • Residenz: Former refectory with magnificent baroque hearth and stucco ceiling
  • Stadthaus: Regular exhibitions on the ground and upper floors
  • Heyl'sches Haus, built in 1809 for the Arenberg ducal councillor Heyl

Sightseeing and excursions

  • Day trip to Osnabrück
  • Day trip to Oldenburg
  • Excursions to the Netherlands
  • Fort Bourtange (NL)
  • Clemenswerth Palace in Sögel

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