Leisure tips

Meppen – It's all green. It's all good.

Unlock your creative potential in Meppen's "Koppelschleuse" international cultural network. ! It's worth looking beyond the network itself as well. Experience art and history - from yesterday until tomorrow, from Meppen to neighbouring Holland. Or, if you like your holidays to be more strenuous, discover the diverse scenery of the Emsland, for instance on a canoe or bike tour.

Leisure activities in/at the Youth Hostel

  • Cafeteria with billiards at the Hostel
  • Multi-sensory relaxation room
  • Barbecue area
  • Area for ball games
  • Boat jetty
  • Playground
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Basketball hoop
  • Table tennis (indoors and out)
  • "Café Koppelschleuse" at the Koppelschleuse
  • Theatre room
  • Sculpture park
  • Digital camcorder and camera
  • Multimedia cube with microphone
  • Piano

Leisure activities in the vicinity

  • Canoe rides on the Ems and Hase, boat jetty at the Hostel
  • Bike tours, bicycle hire nearby
  • "Familienbad Meppen": open-air and indoor pool
  • Lake for bathing at Schlagbrückener Weg
  • Modern track and field stadium opposite the Youth Hostel
  • Outdoor sports facilities at Versener Straße with numerous sports grounds
  • Skater park behind Nagelsdorf town sports hall, with mini-pipe, fun box and quarter pipe
  • Koppelschleuse lock: An incredible feat of engineering
  • Art centre: Home of the "Meppener Kunstkreis", with "Grafotek" & School of Art
  • "Alte Schule" ("Old School") Bokeloh: Permanent exhibition looking back at when Otto Pankok stayed here
  • Church in Bokeloh: One of the oldest churches in the Emsland
  • Cooling tower of the decommissioned gas power station, with what the Guinness Book of Records recognises as the largest world map on the planet, painted by Swiss artist Christoph Rihs.
  • Archaeological Museum: Special exhibitions and educational museum programmes
  • Arenberg'sche Rentei: Museum charting Meppen's past
  • Stone burial site in Apeldorn: Huge boulders left behind by glaciers from the last ice age
  • Jewish memorial: Commemorating the destroyed synagogue
  • Museums of mills and maritime transport
  • Emsland Moor Museum in Groß Hesepe
  • Historic Town Hall: Meppen's famous landmark
  • Gymnasialkirche: Jesuit church designed by Abbot Karl Immendorf
  • Propsteikirche: Triple-naved late Gothic hall church made of sandstone blocks
  • Residenz: Former refectory with magnificent baroque hearth and stucco ceiling
  • Stadthaus: Regular exhibitions on the ground and upper floors
  • Heyl'sches Haus, built in 1809 for the Arenberg ducal councillor Heyl

Sightseeing and excursions

  • Day trip to Osnabrück
  • Day trip to Oldenburg
  • Excursions to the Netherlands
  • Fort Bourtange (NL)
  • Clemenswerth Palace in Sögel

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