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Landshut - Germany's gothic treasure trove.

Pointed gables and brick towers mark the face of Landshut. Behind the historic city centre, densely wooded slopes rise up. Rich in culture, rich in nature: Landshut is a wealthy city! The ducal city collected a remarkable cultural treasure over the 800 years of its eventful history. Bronze casters, harness makers and bell smiths established Landshut's reputation as a city of arts. Trausnitz castle, palazzos and parks bear witness to the old Bavarian glory. On the other hand, St. Martin's church is a symbol of the confident middle classes, who defied the gentry on many an occasion, and is unique in the world. Come to Landshut to discover the renaissance of the middle ages!

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In 1204, Ludwig I., Duke of Bavaria, founded Trausnitz castle as the family seat of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Today, it is a symbol of the city.
Construction of St. Martin's hall church began in 1385, and it was completed in 1500. It is one of the most significant monumental gothic buildings in southern Germany. With a height of 130.6 metres, the tower is the highest brick tower in the whole world.
Green whereever you look: the castle gardens stretch across 33 hectares of wooded areas, sloping meadows, shady gorges and pretty little ponds.
Bavarian and impressively Italian at the same time: the Stadtresidenz was the first renaissance palazzo to the north of the Alps.
The ducal garden is a classical "park in a park", with little temples of friendship, a flaking triumphal arch and vases of honour.
Landshut's municipal swimming pool provides bathing and fun all year round.
Tee off at the mini golf course and natural mini golf course.
Landshut is ideally located for day trips e.g. to Munich, Dachau (concentration camp memorial site), Regensburg, Kelheim and the Danube breakthrough, the Bavarian Forest or the Upper Bavarian lake district. All of these can be reached within 90 minutes.

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