Otto-Moericke-Turm Youth Hostel in Konstanz

The town of Constance on Lake Constance. The Seenachtsfest festival and sea life centre. A Roman fort and council buildings. Tired of strolling around town? Small restaurants and cafes await you in the leafy streets. How about a visit to the oldest theatre still in use in Germany in the evening? Constance is steeped in history. Constance pulsates. A profusion of flowers, a sea of colours both delicate and beautiful - that's Mainau Island. Fancy a trip to the island of flowers? Or would you rather diving into the lake? Would you prefer a physical challenge? Of course you can - and how! Surfing, sailing, diving and swimming, cycling and volleyball.

The hostel is in the northern suburb of Allmannsdorf. In the distance, you can see the landmark of the "Otto Moericke Tower" - the old water tower which signals to hikers and travellers: I've done it. There are about 200 meters from the hostel to the water's edge of Lake Constance. On a clear day, you can even see the Alps in the background. Well, if that's not tempting! But visitors to Constance want to experience something. Obviously. So off you go on a number 1 or 13/4 bus. You'll be in the historical town centre in a few minutes. Of course there's a train station nearby and you can see the lake of constance from the hostel. Getting around is very important in Constance.

The Otto-Moericke-Turm Youth Hostel in Constance is looking forward to helping you explore this vibrant, lively and historical town.
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