Kassel - city of culture at the heart of Germany

Kassel Youth Hostel is located close to the city centre and on the verge of the "Tannenwäldchen" park with playgrounds and greens. It is an ideal starting point for exploring the city or for outings to the Reinhardswald and Habichtswald forests nearby. The Hostel is easily reached, it is only a five-minute walk to the next bus and tram stops.

Relaxed city adventure
The family-friendly Hostel caters for guests of every age and is also a popular conference and seminar venue. It has a full set of conference equipment, course rooms, piano, wireless LAN hotspot and a play corner. Our kitchen will provide you with a varied diet and is happy to accommodate individual requirements.

A Hostel for every interest
Be it culture, shopping, outdoor experiences or sports on the Hostel grounds - everything is possible. Kindergardens and school classes, sports groups, hikers, cyclists families and clubs feel at home here. The Hostel offers a family flat rate and a wide variety of programme modules, such as a city game, hiking, barbecue evening, Fulda steam boat tour, indoor go-kart arena, disco night, "Aqua-Park" water park, pedal boats, guided company tours or climbing through a high-ropes course in the forest. There are special shorter programmes for kindergarden and primary school children or families,as well as ten attractive programme packages for school classes and holiday groups seeking adventures.
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Opening hours
The house is open

6.00 a.m. - 1.00 a.m.

The reception is open

8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


12.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

The modern Youth Hostel accommodates its guests in 209 beds in rooms with two to six beds each. Twelve rooms have en-suite showers and toilets, 20 rooms have a washbasin and en-suite toilet and one apartment with shower and toilet is suitable for wheelchair users.

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day
E 1 23 sqm - - 8 - - GF upon request
E 2 39 sqm 26 18 20 20 - GF upon request
E 5 62 sqm 40 34 24 24 - GF upon request
E 6 62 sqm 40 34 24 24 - GF upon request
E 8 25 sqm 12 10 12 12 - GF upon request
E 9 39 sqm 30 20 22 22 - GF upon request
K 17 26 sqm 18 - 12 12 - B upon request
122 27 sqm 18 - 12 12 - 1 upon request
222 27 sqm 18 - 12 12 - 2 upon request
Kombi E5/E6 124 sqm 100 70 64 64 - GF upon request
Kombi E8/E9 64 sqm 42 34 38 38 - GF upon request
Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day
E2 39 sqm 2.7 m 26 18 GF yes upon request
E5 62 sqm 2.5 m 40 24 GF yes upon request
E6 62 sqm 2.5 m 40 24 GF yes upon request
E8 25 sqm 2.7 m 12 6 GF yes upon request
E9 39 sqm 2.7 m 30 15 GF yes upon request
Kombi E5/E6 124 sqm 2.5 m 100 64 GF no upon request
Kombi E8/E9 64 sqm 2.7 m 42 30 GF no upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

piano, stereo / PA equipment

Ein Besuch der Stadt Kassel, eingebettet in die Wälder von Habichtswald und Reinhardswald, läßt wohl kaum einen Wunsch offen. Ob Groß oder Klein, Jung oder Alt, Familien, Singles, Senioren, Schüler - das Freizeitangebot aus Kultur, Musik, Sport, Moderne und Geschichte ist umfangreich.

Outings and excursions

  • Ziegenhagen leisure activity park
  • Borken mining museum with visitor adit
  • Breitenau memorial site
  • Sababurg animal park with birds of prey reserve
  • Knüll game reserve with loose red deer
  • Edersee and dam
  • Summer toboggan run, Waldeck castle
  • Airfield for sailgliders on Dörnberg
  • Parachuting and helicopter flights (Kassel-Calden airport)
  • Park and palace at Wilhelmsthal
  • Bad Arolsen residence palace
  • Immenhausen glass museum in Hannoversch Münden - the timbered city that the famous Doctor Eisenbart used to practise in (also a great destination for a cycling tour).