Helmarshausen on Diemel and Weser

Helmarshausen Youth Hostel in Hesse is located only about 1,000 m away from the city centre and surrounded by spacious green grounds. The impressive building is made of regional sand stone and timberwork, and exudes a homely atmosphere in a contemporary setting.

Conferences and music in a timbered house
The Youth Hostel welcomes its guests to a timbered castle with a cosy atmosphere: The Hostel is ideal for larger workshops, for music groups or school trips (4th to 8th grade). Conference equipment, WLAN hotspot, three pianos and an electronic piano are available for guests. Families are welcome, too! The grounds include an adventure playground, three covered barbecue areas (one of which for 100 guests), bonfire site, football, volleyball and basketball fields. Upon request, our kitchen staff can prepare special meals for vegetarians or guests suffering from allergies etc. The local "Bürgerhaus" hall (300 seats, stage) can be rented for e.g. choir performances. Pottery, canoe tours, archery or baking stick bread are popular leisure activities. The "Feel Good" programme offers unforgettable climbing or outdoor survival experiences for your team.
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Preise 2022

Früstück ab Halbpension ab Vollpension ab
€ 25.00 € 30.50 € 34.50

Preise 2023

Früstück ab Halbpension ab Vollpension ab
€ 26.40 € 32.10 € 36.30

The Youth Hostel is located on the edge of the Reinhardswald forest, only about 1000 m from the city centre.

The large Hostel has 202 beds in 59 rooms with two, four and six beds each, 12 of which are rooms for group leaders with en-suite shower and toilet. 32 rooms are particularly suitable for families.

Raum Fläche
Max. Teilnehmerzahl
  • Kino
  • Parliament
  • Block
  • U-Form Block
    U-Form Block
  • Kreis
Etage Raummiete pro Tag
TR 1 35 m² 15 9 12 10 10 1 Auf Anfrage
TR 2/3 44 m² 30 20 20 15 30 1 Auf Anfrage
Blauer Salon 91 m² 60 40 30 25 60 1 Auf Anfrage
TR 6/7 69 m² 40 30 20 20 40 1 Auf Anfrage
TR Dach 100 m² 80 30 30 25 100 4 Auf Anfrage
Mehrzweckhalle 120 m² 100 60 50 45 80 2 Auf Anfrage

Beamer, CD-Player, DVD-Player, Flipchart, Internetzugang (freies WLAN), Leinwand, Metaplanwand, Mikrofonanlage, Moderationskoffer, Musikanlage, Pinnwand, Rednerpult, TV-Gerät

Raum Fläche Höhe
Max. Teilnehmerzahl nach Bestuhlung
  • Chor
  • Orchester
Etage Tageslicht Raummiete pro Tag
TR 1 35 m² 3.0 m 20 10 1 Ja Auf Anfrage
TR 2/3 44 m² 2.3 m 30 15 1 Ja Auf Anfrage
Blauer Salon 91 m² 2.6 m 60 30 1 Ja Auf Anfrage
TR 6/7 69 m² 2.5 m 40 20 1 Ja Auf Anfrage
Mehrzweckhalle 120 m² 3.0 m 100 50 2 Ja Auf Anfrage
TR Dach 100 m² 2.6 m 80 40 4 Ja Auf Anfrage
Inventar Proberäume

Digitalpiano, Klavier, Musikanlage / PA-Anlage

Leisure activities

  • Stroll through the old alleyways of Helmarshausen with their timbered houses, see the old fortifications and the old abbey building.
  • Go on an outing to Bad Karlshafen, the baroque city founded in 1699 just around the corner from Helmarshausen, and see the Huguenot museum and the splendid town hall.
  • Romantic boat tour on the Weser river.
  • Bakery with pizza oven.
  • Sababurg animal park.
  • Italian night (pizza baking).
  • Torch-lit nighttime walk to Krukenburg castle .
  • Pottery course - pottery on the Hostel grounds with workshop, exhibition, stoneware from the wood-fired kiln and a range of courses (Gess Pottery).
  • Canoe tours, archery.
  • Bake stick bread by the bonfire.
  • Corvey abbey and castle.
  • Kristallweserbergland thermal bath with hot salt water source.
  • The Hostel also offers programmes for three or more days focusing on "Fairy Tales", "Nature", music and art for families, and "Feel Good" programmes for school classes or groups. The Youth Hostel management is happy to help its guests plan tours and leisure activities in the area.