Leisure tips

The location is excellent

Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The city at the Neckar with its impressive castle towering high above the historic city centre and its several charming little streets and squares inspired poets and painters of the Romantic and is still fascinating countless visitors from all over the world. Despite of its 800 years of history, Heidelberg is still a young and cosmopolitan city. One reason for this are certainly the several students in the city. Heidelberg also has one of the oldest Universities in Germany (founded 1386). The Youth Hostel is located directly at the Neckar in the northwest of the city, in the so called Neuenheimer Field. It is surrounded by leisure facilities like the zoo, botanical garden, open air pool and several sport grounds.

Leisure activities

  • Hiking trails (1 min.)
  • Zoo Heidelberg (0 min.)
  • Open air pool (10 min.)
  • City rallye (15 min.)
  • Leasure pool nearby
  • Falconry (30 min.)
  • Fairy Tale Park (30 min.)

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • By taking a stroll beside the Neckar you can easily reach the romantic historical city centre within fourty-five minutes. A guided city tour takes between two and four hours.
  • Because of its great view of the city, the Neckar and the Heidelberg Castle, the "Philosophenweg", which leads from the district Neuenheim to the Heiligenberg, is world-famous.

Lots to experience

  • Heidelberg Castle (5 km)
  • City Tour Heidelberg (5 km)
  • Shipping on the Neckar to Neckarsteinach (4-Castle-Tour) (10 km)
  • High rope course Neckargemünd (35 km)
  • Canoeing on the Neckar (35 km)
  • Holidaypark (50 km)

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