A royal perspective: Füssen

Neuschwanstein castle glistens white in the sunlight. A path winds its way through the lush green over to Hohenschwangau castle, and behind it, the Säuling rocks are visible. Horse-drawn carts are making their way to King Ludwig II fairy-tale castle. Look forward to the magnificent castle and the romantic alps!
This is the place for hiking, one cycling tour follows the other, and finally, when you've cooled down in one of the crystal-clear lakes, you will feel shivers running down your spine from all the fun. Foggensee, Weissensee, Alpsee, Hopfensee - a total of seven big lakes you can swim in and many smaller ones attract visitors. Just ask the insiders at Füssen Youth Hostel and take the plunge!

But if you are drawn to greater heights, climb the summits of Tegel and Säling - hiking the mountains and being rewarded with a view to a magnificent castle, that's something you will only find in Füssen. But you can also enjoy the spectacular views on a tour with your mountain bike or trekking bike. The network of cycling routes that surround the 700 year-old city covers about 1,500 kilometres!
Via Claudia Auguste, the Bodensee-Königsee cycling tour and, of course, the Romantic Road run through the region. Exciting single-trails hold the promise of an adrenalin rush for mountain bikers. And because the cycling routes are very well built and maintained, even racing cyclists find themselves in a true cyclists' paradise.

White winter wonderland

While hikers and cyclists appreciate the mountains in summer, winter sport fans prefer them snowy white - wellness for your senses! Regain energy as you follow the cross-country ski runs across the foothills of the Alps, against the picture-book backdrop of the Allgäu Alps. Float up to the summit with the Tegelbergbahn funicular, enjoy the wind in your face when skiing downhill again. Or march down on foot - fasten on the snow shoes, take the sticks into your hand and make your way across snowy fields and hills.
Or does that all sound too much? Would you rather just go for a gentle walk?
Then slip into your warm jacket and take a little walk along one of the paths of the many kilometres of winter hiking paths. You can stop for a break at one of the cosy huts, and enjoy the rest of your route seated in a horse-drawn sleigh! If you need a good rest afterwards, why not spoil yourself to a spa treatment. A sauna with a view of the castle: this, too, is the Füssen region.
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