Centrally located, superior standard

The Hostel is international, its website is available in seven languages, and it is particularly suitable for large groups, conferences and events - and, of course, for everyone who wants to experience and international metropolis. Thanks to its size and the great variety of different room set-ups, the Hostel can cater for many different needs. For instance, it is often booked for group holidays by guests with disabilites, but is equally popular as a conference venue and with families. A number of four-bed rooms with washbasins and/or en-suite shower and toilet are particularly suitable for families. And as an added bonus, the third night is free of charge for families on Sundays.
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Hostel is open all year round except Christmas.

Prices 2023

B&B from Half board from Full board from
€ 31.90 € 38.90 € 44.90

With a total of 434 beds, we are one of the world's largest Youth Hostels. Fifty-five percent of our guests come from over 100 different countries outside Germany, and make up the Hostel's multi-cultural flair.
Our Hostel is centrally located on the Main river and offers a great view of Frankfurt's skyline. It is only about a 10-minute walk into the city centre. You can easily reach 15 different museums and almost all the important sights on foot, from Goethehaus to the Commerzbank tower. The famous "Sachsenhäuser Apfelweinviertel" begins just behind the Youth Hostel. Guests who would like to explore the city even further in a short time can buy tickets for the public transport system from us at reduced rates.
On the one hand, our Youth Hostel offers the cheapest beds of the city in our rooms with several beds, but on the other, we also offer single and double rooms with en-suite showers and toilets for guests who prefer a superior standard - and lots in between.

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day off
Großer Saal 325 sqm 375 100 72 40 60 2 upon request
Kleiner Saal 88 sqm 60 40 30 26 20 1 upon request
Skyline-Deck 70 sqm 50 30 16 19 30 5 upon request
Gartenhaus 32 sqm 24 12 16 14 20 GF upon request
Terrassensaal komplett 170 sqm 160 80 60 50 60 B upon request
Terrassensaal Teil A 75 sqm 60 36 60 22 30 B upon request
Terrassensaal Teil B 95 sqm 90 40 80 26 40 B upon request
E11 53 sqm 50 28 18 20 30 GF upon request
Raum 101 28 sqm 24 12 16 14 20 1 upon request
Raum 102 28 sqm 24 12 16 14 20 1 upon request
Raum 103 59 sqm 50 24 24 17 20 1 upon request
Raum 101+103 83 sqm 90 40 30 27 30 1 upon request
Raum 104 28 sqm 24 12 16 14 20 1 upon request
Raum 311 25 sqm 16 - - - - 3 upon request
Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day off
Großer Saal 325 sqm 5.0 m 375 300 2 yes upon request
Kleiner Saal 88 sqm 2.6 m 60 30 1 yes upon request
Skyline-Deck 70 sqm 3.0 m 50 30 5 yes upon request
Gartenhaus 32 sqm 3.0 m 25 10 GF yes upon request
Terassensaal komplett 170 sqm 3.0 m 160 120 B yes upon request
Terassensaal Teil A 75 sqm 3.0 m 60 30 B yes upon request
Terassensaal Teil B 95 sqm 3.0 m 90 60 B yes upon request
E11 53 sqm 3.0 m 50 30 GF yes upon request
Raum 101 28 sqm - 25 10 1 yes upon request
Raum 102 28 sqm - 25 10 1 yes upon request
Raum 103 59 sqm - 50 30 1 yes upon request
Raum 104 28 sqm - 25 10 1 yes upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

digital piano, stereo / PA equipment

Staging options

indoor stage (46.0 sqm),

Frankfurt am Main - Weltstadt mit Flair

Zwischen der erstmaligen urkundlichen Erwähnung Frankfurts im Jahr 794 und seiner heutigen Rolle als internationaler Finanzplatz ist viel Wasser den Main hinunter geflossen. In Frankfurt wurde deutsche Geschichte geschrieben und Deutschlands berühmtester Dichter Johann Wolfgang von Goethe hat hier Geschichten geschrieben.
Frankfurt a. M. ist zweifelsohne heute die Stadt mit der beeindruckendsten Skyline Deutschlands. Beinamen wie Mainhattan und Bankfurt bestehen nicht zu Unrecht. Die Stadt im Herzen Deutschlands und Europas hat viele Facetten und Kontraste zu bieten. Unweit der Hochhäuser finden sich gemütliche Ebbelwoi-Kneipen, herrliche Parkanlagen und ein überwältigendes Kulturangebot: 36 Museen, 109 Kunstgalerien, rund 30 Theater, zahlreiche Konzerthäuser, eine Oper mit Weltrang ....

Um die Erkundungstour durch Frankfurt noch bequemer und interessanter zu gestalten, gibt es bei uns Tickets für die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel.

Ausserdem kostenlose Stadtpläne/Fahrpläne und einen kleinen Reiseführer für 1,50€.

Sightseeing in Frankfurt

The building at the heart of the historic city centre became Frankfurt's town hall in 1405. It consists of several medieval buildings which were connected with each other. A neo-gothic facade was added towards the end of the 19th century. The most significant room of the complex is the Kaisersaal (emperors' room), where the walls are decorated with oil portraits of all 52 German emperors since Charlemagne.
St. Paul's Church
The cradle of democracy in Germany - in 1848, the first freely elected German parliament convened here. Today, one of the events the church is used as a venue for is the award ceremony for the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. The 32-metre round painting by Johannes Grützke inside the church is also well worth seeing.
Three kings were elected in St. Bartholomew's Cathedral after 1356. Between 1562 and 1792, even emperors were crowned in the cathedral. After the cathedral burned down in 1868, the neo-gothic spire, 95 metres high, was added. Ascent to the spire top € 1.50 (pupils), 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Climb about 300 stairs up a narrow staircase.
Goethehaus and Goethe museum
The home of Goethe's parents is an original display of the living culture and art collections of Goethe's era.
The first and only skyscraper in Frankfurt that boasts a viewing platform at a height of 205 metres and a high-altitude restaurant with a fantastic view of the city and its surroundings.
The shopping mall's roof terrace provides a beautiful view of Frankfurt's skyscrapers.
Alte Oper
The old opera house was reconstructed following the original designs in 1981. Today, it is one of the most renowned concert halls in Germany.
Alte Börse
Some of the stock trading in Frankfurt still takes place in old stock exchange building with its renaissance-style dome. You need to make a reservation in advance to visit the gallery.
Botanical garden with plants and shrubs from every continent.
Come face to face with exotic animals in the heart of the city. One of the Zoo's many attractions is Professor Bernhard Grzimek's nocturnal animal house, others are the new seal pool, ape house and predator enclosure.
On weekends, the historic tram will take you through the city while testing the local specialty, Ebbelwoi (local type of cidre) - but you can also have apple juice.
Alt Sachsenhausen
This famous district of the city is well known for its original timbered houses and "Ebbelwoi". It begins just behind the Youth Hostel.
Numerous museums are nestled on either side of the Rhine along the "Museumsufer": Portikus (exhibition hall), museum for cultures of the world, German film museum, German museum of architecture, museum of applied art, museum of communication, bible house, Städel museum, Liebig museum, Giersch museum, Jewish museum, historic museum and children's museum, museum of modern art, Kunsthalle Schirn, archaeological museum.

More museums:
Senckenberg museum (natural science), children's museum, Dialogmuseum (museum for the blind), Explora (technical museum), Struwwelpeter museum ("Shock-headed Peter" museum), money museum.