Leisure tips

Leisure activities

Outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, walking, cycling and Nordic walking trails, nature trail, cross-country skiing.

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Geroldsauer waterfalls
    Beautiful rhododendron park (about 3 hours)
  • Gertelbacher waterfalls (about 1 hour)
  • Schwarzenbachtalsperre reservoir (about 1.5 hours to the dam)
  • Lothar path (approximately 20 km)
    An adventure path through an area of woodland destroyed by hurricane Lothar in 1999.
  • Wilderness trail on Plättig (about 1 hour)
    Unspoilt countryside, good shoes required!
  • Waldlehrpfad Herrenwies
    forest educational path with a hunting path and different stops with information on various topics (ants, bark beetles, fairy tales, etc.) (about 30 minutes)
  • Herrenwieser See (lake)
    A tarn about 15,000 years old (2-hour hike of about 4 km)
  • Sandsee lake (popular trail at night) (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Badener Höhe mountain
    Watch tower (high-altitude walk, 1002 m above sea level, about 2 hours)
  • "Hoher Ochsenkopf" forest reserve
    (Walk there for about 3 hours)
  • Information trail on the Mehliskopf mountain
    (Find out more about the Black Forest)

Lots to experience

  • Guided tour of the pumped storage power station in Forbach (263 bus, Tel. 07228-916 201. About 11 km away)
  • Mehliskopf mountain with year-round bob run, ski lift and adventure climbing garden. Climb, balance and glide through a world of ropes, beams, bridges, nets and cable cars. Enjoy nature from high up! On this roughly 3.5 hectare site, you can climb from tree to tree on 7 obstacle courses of varying degrees of difficulty at heights of 3 m to 14 m (about 7 minutes away on foot).
  • Nature Reserve Center Ruhestein
    (can be reached by charter bus. About 18 km away)
  • Ziegenpfad ("goat path") in Forbach
    A merry walk with the goats for young and old alike.
    (easy to get to with the 263 bus. About 11 km away)
  • Luchspfad ("lynx path") in Baden-Baden
    Path with 20 interactive stations with information about the habitat of the lynx in the Black Forest
  • Mummelsee
    The legendary Mummelsee is the biggest, deepest and highest lake in the Black Forest.
    (about 12 km)

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