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Flensburg - in the high north

Almost in Denmark. Flensburg is the northernmost city in Germany and the gateway to the Danish islands and Jutland. Flensburg Fjord stretches far inland. There are many small resorts on the outer fjord. The historical old part of town with its Danish past should not be missed. A boat trip allows visitors to be a bit more contemplative. Pleasure boats cruise between the German and Danish coasts and offer magnificent views.

Leisure facilities in the youth hostel

Flensburg Youth Hostel's large outdoor area is adjacent to the forest and has a volleyball and a basketball court. In addition, our guests can play table tennis, table football, billiards and run around on the playgrounds.

Leisure facilities in the immediate area

Maritime Flensburg
Flensburg offers a variety of activities in and around the water. At the forefront are the sailing and surfing opportunities. Flensburg is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Europe. Beaches and marinas along the 150 km long shoreline of the German-Danish fjord unite to form a beautiful natural environment. Pleasure boats and ferries cross between the Danish and German shores.

Cycling and walking
Over 200 km of wonderful cycling and hiking trails surround the fjord.

Flensburg - historic and modern
The historical town centre is a testimony to Flensburg's long history as a trading town. Even today, you will encounter Flensburg's Danish past. There's always something happening in Flensburg's town centre, especially during festivals such as the Rum Regatta, Dampf Rundum (steamboat festival), Tummelum (town festival), Apfelregatta ("Apple Regatta") and the Grogtörn (winter regatta). Culture lovers should not miss a visit to the Schifffahrtsmuseum (Maritime Museum - with rum museum) and the Heimatmuseum (local history museum).

Erlebniszentrum PHÄNOMENTA
PHÄNOMENTA offers you the chance to experience things with all your senses. Amazing scientific and technological phenomena can be explored here. Investigate the relationships between waves and vibrations. Puzzle over the shape of the fastest runway, explore the influence of shape on the stability of bridges. The importance of the light for the perception of colour is just as evident as the boundaries of temperature perception. more


In the shipyard museum, learn how boats were built 100 years ago. During the workshop "Arbeiten wie die Bootsbauer" ("Work like the boat builders"), which the youth hostel regularly organises, you can even build something yourself using historical tools.


Splashing about, sports, sauna, indulging yourself in an area more than 5,000 m2 in size. The 50 m long competition pool allows high-level competitions to take place. more

Trips and excursions

  • Glücksburg Castle
  • Schleswig with Haithabu Viking Museum
  • SUMSUM indoor play park
  • Towns of Husum and Nordstrand
  • Schlachthof BMX and skate park
  • Gendarmstien on the Danish side of the fjord (beautiful 74 km long route)

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