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Dachau - city of artists

Over 1,200 years in age, Dachau is much older than Munich. The erection of the concentration camp in 1933 made Dachau a synonym for the era of Nazi terror after World War II - the city's former fame as a colony of artists and its 1200-year history are less well known. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Dachau was one of the most important artists' colonies in Europe besides Worpswede. At the time, one in ten of Dachau's population was thought to be a painter, among them such famous names as Adolf Hölzel, Ludwig Dill and Arthur Langhammer. Carl Spitzweg and Lovis Corinth would also frequently return to Dachau to capture the special light of the Dachauer Moos area when painting outdoors. Women, in particular, began to discover painting for themselves and enrolled in the private painting schools of the artists' colony as the State Academy in Munich did not admit women until 1926. Today, their works can be admired in Dachau's picture gallery. The tradition continues to date, with a varied contemporary art scene and many galleries in the city. Dachau is also a highly active member of the EuroArt European Association of Artists' Colonies.

Leisure activities at the Youth Hostel

  • 2 billiard tables
  • 2 ping-pong tables
  • table football
  • "Torwand" - wall with a hole for shooting a football through
  • Spiri ball and other types of ball on loan
  • Various board games on loan at the reception

Leisure activities in the area

  • Cycling and hiking routes along the Amper river
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Cinemas, pubs and bars in Dachau's historic city centre
  • historic city centre with castle and museums (district museum, Dachau Picture Gallery, New Gallery)
  • Hiking tours and outings to the beautiful surroundings of Dachau
  • Lakes, high ropes course, rowing regatta, Schleissheim mansion

Outings and excursions

  • Munich, the Bavarian capital (about 20 minutes ride with the S-Bahn regional train)
  • Bavaria Film studios
  • Allianz Arena

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