139 beds in 47 rooms, 2 rooms accessible for wheelchairs, 1 sanitary room accessible for wheelchairs. Dining rooms, ballroom that can be used for seminars and conferences (80 seats), conference room (35 seats), 3 common rooms (20 to 30 seats), TV room, amphitheatre. Technical equipment: Large rooms with suitable acoustics available for music groups, music school in the Hostel.

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Burghausen Youth Hostel offers following amenities for families:
15 family rooms with showers on the same floor
Common room for families
Guest kitchen / facilities for warming baby food and drinks
2 highchairs
4 cots
Unlimited access to community

In order for guests with impaired mobility to fully enjoy their stay, this Youth Hostel has been designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users who can move their wheelchair without assistance.

Our tip: the terms "suitable for wheelchairs" and "wheelchair-friendly" don't always tell you everything you need to know. Before deciding on a stay with us, ask the Youth Hostel management for in-depth advice.

Our Hostel offers:
2 rooms with en-suite shower and toilet and 1 or 3 beds, for a maximum of 3 wheelchairs.
1 sanitary unit
Ramp to the entrance
Ground-level access to all common rooms

Special tips
Outdoor and indoor swimming pool and bathing lake with access platform for wheelchairs
Water sports club with section for people with disabilities
Suitability of cycling offers for families, athletes and cycling freaks
Bed&Bike certified

What to expect:
Safe storage of your bike, drying facilities, cycling maps or suggestions for cycling routes, a wholesome cyclists' breakfast, tools for minor repairs. Luggage transport from the train station to the Youth Hostel can be arranged upon request (subject to a fee).

Repair workshop and bike and e-bike rental
Fahrräder Radl-Metzgerei, In den Grüben 123, 84489 Burghausen, Phone +49 176 23 70 00 25 (only 5 minutes from the Youth Hostel)
FUN Sport & Bikecenter, Gewerbepark Lindach, 84489 Burghausen, Phone +49 8677 91 17 66
eBikes, Burghauser Touristik GmbH, Stadtplatz 112, 84489 Burghausen, Phone +49 08677 887 -140
A charging station for e-bikes is about 0.5 km away.

Cycling routes
Burghausen is located along the following cycling routes:
Helmbrechtspfad Cycling Route
Benedikt Cycling Route
Salzhandelsweg Cycling Route
Inn Cycling Route
Inntal Cycling Route
Tauern Cycling Route
Traun-Alz Cycling Route
For more information on cycling routes, go to: Bavarian Network for cyclists and Bayern Bike.

Special tips
Destinations worth visiting from Burghausen Youth Hostel include:
Helmbrechtspfad is a cycling and hiking route that will take you back to the middle ages
Ride down from the world's longest castle and then to Austria, total length of the route about 30 km.
Bathing lakes: Wöhrsee, Peracher Badesee and Marktler Badesee, Hölzöstersee
In Austria : Ismer Moos, about 7 km, and Waginger See lake
Many mountain lodges, romantic farms, serene spots for a picnic and guest houses with idyllic beer gardens for taking a break.

By the way: The estuary area of the Inn, Alz and Salzach rivers covers broad river valleys with overgrown meads, tranquil backwaters and large flatlands with meadows, woods, fertile farmlands and pretty villages. The hilly "Holzland" area with its picturesque isolated farms offers a panorama of the Alps that stretches from the Salzkammergut to Zugspitze on clear days.
We are happy to provide you with more information on all the offers and help you plan your routes. Just ask!
Extensive grounds with football, streetball and volleyball fields, badminton, mini golf, table tennis and bike rental.
Small football green, 30 x 24 metres, on the Youth Hostel groundsnot according to norms, not suitable for cleated shoes, with 2 football goals. Goals can be set up flexibly. Free use for guests.
Training camps for swimmers can be held all year round. In Georg-Miesgang indoor swimming pool in winter, in the Wacker Freibad open-air pool with 50-metre-pool in summer.