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Discover the park of nature Maas-Schwalm-Nette in Brüggen.

One sight is to the fore at Brüggen Youth Hostel: nature! The Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park extends over 435 km² and offers holidaymakers and active travellers charming landscapes and miles of hiking and cycling trails. Between Brüggen and the Dutch border, you will find forests, moors and lakes. So get out into the fresh air and let the unique natural beauty of the area take effect!

Leisure facilities in and around the youth hostel

  • Table tennis
  • Area for playing football
  • Piano
  • Electric piano
  • Guitar
  • Barbecue area
  • TV
  • Video recorder
  • Digital projector

Leisure facilities in the area

The winding streets and medieval atmosphere are what attract visitors to the idyllic village of Brüggen. In the centre of town, you will find Brüggen Castle, which now houses the Museum of Man and Hunting. In addition, the town is known for the Kreuzherrenkloster, a monastery founded in 1479 and now used as a town hall.

  • Right on the doorstep: Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park
  • For history buffs: Museum of Hunting and Natural History in Brüggen Castle (4 km)
  • Tranquil: the town of Brüggen (4 km)
  • Sporty: indoor pool and sports hall (4 km)

Leisure facilities in the region

Anyone who has explored the area around the hostel will discover even more attractive landscapes in the region when out on day trips: the Venekotensee and Hariksee lakes are only a few kilometres away and invite visitors to go swimming there in good weather. Also, the biodiversity and fauna of the region are incomparable: in the petting zoo in Dorenburg and on the Wegberg-Wildenrath nature trail, nature lovers both young and old will experience nature up close. Want a change from tranquillity, nature and fresh air? The Dutch towns of Roermond and Venlo with their numerous shops are easily accessible from Brüggen Youth Hostel!

  • Biodiversity: Nature and Wildlife Park (10 km)
  • For water lovers: Venekotensee, Hariksee (lakes) (5 km each)
  • Petting zoo: Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum) in Dorenburg (35 km
  • Environmentally friendly: Wegberg-Wildenrath Nature Trail (km 25)
  • Dutch friends: the Netherlands (10 km)

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