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Benediktbeuren: so close to heaven!

You will come closer to heaven if you stay grounded. Or, as Don Bosco said: "Be cheerful, do good, and let the sparrows chirp." A typical attitude for Benediktbeuren! The Lord rejoiced and created a paradise with mountains, moors and cool lakes. Cows graze in front of the onion towers of the former abbey against the backdrop of the Alpine rocks that soar up into the blue skies. Even today, Benediktbeuren is regarded as the spiritual and cultural centre of the Tölzer Land region. But that doesn't mean there's no fun and games! The abbey library, which was formerly very significant, used to be home to a famous collection of medieval love and drinking songs.
Even today, Benediktbeuren, with its unique location in the Prealps between the Benediktenwand and Loisach-Kochelsee moors, is regarded as the spiritual and cultural centre of the Tölzer Land region. But it is also home to plenty of fun and games!

Leisure activities at the Youth Hostel

  • The abbey Youth Hostel is always bustling with activity: beach volleyball, streetball, in the skate park or gymnasium and on the climbing wall. Canoe tours and billiard games, the Pizza Bistro and bar with vaulted ceiling, internet café and karaoke events, the disco with light and laser show. Every day is full of adventures.
  • Yippiiieh! The enthusiasm is palpable, whether you are splashing in in the warm Alpine baths or paddling in the lakes and swimming pools in the area.
  • Delve deep into culture in Kochel am See: the Franz Mark museum presents works of the "Blue Rider" and "Brücke" expressionists. The Buchheim museum in Bernried shows even more master pieces of expressionism.
  • Benediktbeuren will muscle up your calves. The family-friendly round tour covers a distance of about 23 kms and takes you from Benediktbeuren to Kochel am See and Schlehdorf and back into the convent village.
  • Naturally beautiful: because they are unique, the Benediktbeuren moors are listed in the Bayern Arche natural atlas as one of only five nature destinations in Upper Bavaria.

Leisure activities in the area

  • Loisach-Kochelsee moor nature trail
  • Canadian canoe tour on Kochelsee lake
  • Show power plant in Walchensee
  • Trimini water park in Kochel
  • Alpamare water park in Bad Tölz
  • Buchheim museum in Bernried
  • Franz Marc museum in Kochel
  • Hiking in the mountains, Benediktenwand, Herzogstand and Jochberg mountains.

Leisure activities in the region

  • Glentleiten open-air museum
  • High-ropes course and summer toboggan run in Blomberg
  • Munich, including Bavaria Filmstadt, German museum etc.
  • Concentration camp memorial site in Dachau
  • Linderhof Palace
  • Partnachklamm gorge

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