Lochen Youth Hostel

Welcome to the Jurassic Park of the Swabian Alb region. Where can you directly experience different epochs and phenomena of geological history that's been in progress for some 200 million years? Maybe at the cinema. But definitely here in the Swabian Alb region.

The hostel is situated 946 m above sea level, right on the Swabian Alb escarpment. The White Jura of the Lochenstein mountain shines out brightly. The Swabian Alb landscape looks really spectacular here. Where there was once a tropical sea 200 million years ago, today sheep graze on the juniper heath. No waves but sparse meadows, beech and spruce forests now dominate the landscape. The right place to really enjoy pure nature. The Schafberg-Lochenstein Nature Reserve is just a few metres away. Come on, explorers!

From the summit cross of Lochenstein mountain, the hostel's local mountain, you can gaze far into the distance. Enjoy the view of Hohenzollern Castle. And on clear days even the Alps seem close. Time to let your mind wander. Or would you rather be active? Either option will make you feel good.

The hostel is well equipped to meet the wishes and needs of families, school classes, sports groups and music clubs.

The Youth Hostel team is looking forward to welcoming you.
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