Schubart Youth Hostel in Aalen

A Roman town. A cultural town. Winding streets and numerous half-timbered houses - welcome to Aalen. The hostel is located on the western outskirts of the town's "Rohrwang" forest, right next to the Ostalb Arena.
The Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II founded the town of Aalen around 1240. 100 years later, Aalen became a Free Imperial City. Aalen is fully aware of its history. The Limes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Limes Museum will give you insights into the largest Roman cavalry fort north of the Alps. Interested in even more Limes? Thermal water from the depths of the Swabian Alb tingles in the Limes Thermal Baths. Do you like adventures? The "Tiefer Stollen" visitors mine awaits you. Would you prefer some culture? The smallest municipal theatre in Germany stages some unusual productions.

Aalen - a place to relax. And the gateway to the Swabian Alb region. Soak up some culture and have some fun! Everything's possible in Aalen Youth Hostel. Tired after all the culture or strolling around town? The hostel offers good food and a quiet place to relax. Not tired yet? There's plenty of place to run around in on our playing field. Or how about a football table match?

The person our hostel is named after:
Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, known as an exuberant man of letters, journalist and composer, spent his youth in the Free Imperial City of Aalen. Schubart enjoyed violating the conventions of his time - through his lifestyle and thirst for freedom. His life's work was the publication of the Deutsche Chronik (German Chronicle), a twice-weekly newspaper full of literary, cultural and political reports from around the world. Despite censorship, the Deutsche Chronik succeeded in taking a fairly open stance to political developments. Schubart was arrested in 1777 and, without any official indictment or conviction, was imprisoned in the fortress of Hohenasperg for ten years. After his release, he lived for a further four years, working as a court and theatre poet in Stuttgart.
The Aalen Youth Hostel team is looking forward to your visit!
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