World culture and heritage just around the corner

All around the globe, UNESCO endeavours to preserve the most stunning natural and manmade sites, and for good reason: without our heritage and culture, we would lose contact with where our journey as a species has taken us. Germany boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a favoured travel destination for individuals, families, school classes and university students alike who yearn to discover the richness of our collective world history.

Your home base during your trip to Germany

Our youth hostels are spread across Germany, putting you close to the action no matter which UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany appeal to you. What’s more, our accommodations are comfortable and equipped with all of the modern amenities at a price you can afford. From beautiful forests and lakes to cathedrals, churches and non-religious architecture to ironworks and blends of natural wonders and manmade feats, our hostels constitute the perfect place to lay your head before heading out to marvel at Germany’s heritage and culture.

State-of-the-art facilities that serve every need

Often enough teachers and professors make the wise decision to show their school students and university students the sites that they would otherwise only discover in a textbook first-hand. But every good teacher and professor knows that first-hand experience combined with dedicated lectures and class work can instil their students with knowledge they will retain throughout their lives. We offer a range of modern facilities where you can discuss sites before visiting them or review all the important features of the site after your visit. We also have excellent kitchen staff ready to prepare the nutritious meals you need.

2000 years of history

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany cover 2000 years of the history of this part of the world, from the Romans to modern times and everything in between. Thus, no matter what aspects of history interest you, you can be sure you’ll find it in Germany. Book accommodations at our youth hostels at a bargain price, and get ready to explore the 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany has to offer.