Talents need a good climate.

A positive didactic climate interferes safety and generates room for creativity and curiosity. The individuality of the personalities in a school class with varied needs and perceptions, let the interpersonal ratios become challenges sometimes- mobbing, violence, cultural misunderstandings and disturbances can arise. If schoolgirls- and boys will get teased, beaten or dropped by others; the lessons are constantly disturbed or conflicts and disputes will arise due to cultural differences this has a negative impact on the school climate- so obviously the pupils have difficulties to learn.

“To prevent inequal opportunity, affects a large part of the daily commitment of every pedagogue“

Together with our cooperation partner, the youth hostels in the Rhineland as an approved partner for extracurricular learning are supporting a positive development at your school.

Targeted continuing education offers are helping to response to daily situations in an aware manner and to extend the action-range spectrum. The target is to support your school with our continuing education offers preferably needs-based.

Use our continuing education offers together with your colleagues and get to know how you can optimate actively the climate of your school class and how to handle the heterogeneity of your pupils even better.

We are inviting you to pick up the positive atmosphere of our talent youth hostels and to enjoy our service:


  • Bad Honnef
  • Essen
  • Cologne-Riehl
  • Düsseldorf