Finger on the pulse

You love art and culture, but you also want to go out and party hard during your holiday? Student cities are ideal destinations for weekend trips and mini breaks. Be it Berlin, Heidelberg or Munich: life runs through every vein of a real student city. Be a part of it!

Big fun, small price tag: city trips to university cities

There are two things classic student cities have in common: they are charming and radiate good vibes. Alleys bustle with life, street cafés are filled with laughter and a happy mood. Balmy summer nights gradually come to an end in student bars where, many years ago, Goethe, Schiller or Hölderlin might have been among the regulars.

Another advantage of university towns is that prices tend to be reasonable. A glass of beer for a euro? Lunch for four euros? In many student cities, moderate prices are a reality! And accommodation needn't be expensive, either. There are Youth Hostels with good amenities in all student cities, where comfortable rooms and beds are available at favourable conditions.

City trips to Germany's student cities – the lightness of being

Have you ever been to a classic student city? Did you feel it? This special feeling? The lightness? German student cities always breathe the charm of youth, are charged with the energy of being free of cares. Be a part of it and plan a city trip to one of Germany's student cities.

Off we go! Events in student cities

When touring German university towns you will probably not be able to decide what to begin with. The cities' event calendars are brimming with events, often with traditional local events such as the Stocherkahnrennen boat race in Tübingen, the dragon boat regatta in Kassel, or Sandkerwa, the public festival of Bamberg. Temporary exhibitions of old or contemporary art, culture festivals and theatre performances are fixtures in student cities.

Exclusive and trendy: student city nightlife

Berlin is among the Top 10 of the most popular student cities in Europe for a good reason – the city is a paradise for night owls. Never mind how young or old you are, whether you like techno or 80s music: anyone can dance the night away here. But the other student cities trade just as well when it comes to an attractive night life: the pub, bar and club scenes of Dortmund, Heidelberg or Munich are equally popular, and not just among students.

Have we inspired you to spend your next city trip in a university town? Contact us if you would like to add a guided tour to your agenda! Many of our Youth Hostels can arrange a professional guided city tour for you upon request.