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Luxembourg is a land-locked country in Western Europe with Luxembourg City as its capital. The city itself is not particular large, but straddles hills and gorges over several levels with large areas of the city taken over to parks, forested


Staying in Luxembourg City

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Address: 2 Rue du Fort Olisy
Phone: 352 26 27 66 650

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Things to do and see in Luxembourg City

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is a good example of gothic architecture originally a Jesuit church from the 17th century. The ‘National Monument to the Resistance and to the Deportation’ can be found at Constitution Square and contains the famous bronze monument The Political Prisoner.

On the Plateau de Kirchberg can be found Fort Thüngen - an historic fortification and UNESCO World Heritage Site also known as the Three Acorns due to the acorns that sit on top of its three towers. At the same site is found the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, shortened to Mudam which opened in 2006 with 115,000 visitors in its first year.

The Bock fortification can be found in the old historical district and the Casemates are 14 miles of underground levels of fortifications, some as deep as 131 feet. The Casemates have been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and have been given the title ‘Gibraltar of the North’.


Eating out & nightlife in Luxembourg City

Eating out is a favourite past-time for city dwellers and even though it can be quite expensive, places can be found for more reasonably priced local dishes. The Luxembourg national dish is called 'judd mat gaardebounen' and contains pork in a cream sauce served with potatoes and broad beans.

A quiet bar is easily found when the sun goes down and a great place to see Luxembourg City by night. Clubs can be found around Clausen for visitors looking for a bit more excitement.


Getting around in Luxembourg City

The city is easily accessible by foot, bike or bus due to everything’s close proximity. By foot is an easy way to see most of the city within a relatively short time. Bikes are self-service and buses are regular all passing through the central bus station Hamilius.


Top tip for Luxembourg City

Hotels in the city are popular and quiet expensive while you can find a youth hostel with a friendly atmosphere within 10 minutes by bus from the city centre.


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