Active and Fit|Youth Hostels

Experience the good - feel fit for life


“Experience the good -  feel fit for life” – this is the motto of the health enhancing programmes of our Youth Hostels in a way appreciated by young people. Within the profile “Active and Fit”, honoured as an In-Form-Project by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, it is all about healthy eating, stress regulation and exercise, but even so social and life responsibilities will be imparted playfully.


The offers are as varying and eclectic as our guests.  There are cooking classes, food festivals, picnics, sport events, fun sport offers, fun Olympics, beauty salons, dream vacations, application practices, media workshops right up to cooperation games and a better dealing with stress and conflicts.

Thereby children and teenagers are learning in a self-determined, exciting and playful way what helps to feel comfortable and be fit for life. Our hostels provide a health enhancing environment with healthy and tasty catering, fresh organic food and team leaders, who are perfectly educated by annual trainings.