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Youth Hostel Bernburg
Bernburg Book now
from € 20,00

Discover the city of Bernburg by boat, by car or on the hiking paths and cycling routes. The Youth Hostel is your ideal starting point. Details »

Youth Hostel Dessau
Dessau-Roßlau Book now
from € 23,00

Enjoy your time in our Bauhaus Youth Hostel surrounded by nature and discover the three UNESCO World heritage sites in and near Dessau-Roßlau. Details »

Youth Hostel Dessau, Haus II

Dessau-Rosslau, the Bauhaus city, is surrounded by beautiful parks with many historic buildings. The Youth Hostel is located in the leafy Ziebigk district. Details »

Youth Hostel Falkenstein
Falkenstein Book now
from € 17,50

Apart from cycling and hiking through the beautiful Selketal valley, Falkenstein castle is another popular tourist attraction. Details »

Youth Hostel Gorenzen "Carl Wentzel"
Gorenzen Book now
from € 19,00

Gorenzen Youth Hostel is located amid the forests. The vast Hostel grounds offer plenty of sports and leisure opportunities for our guests. Details »

Youth Hostel Haldensleben
Haldensleben Book now
from € 19,50

Haldensleben offers narrow alleyways, pretty houses, green embankents and the only mounted Roland statue in Europe. Details »

Youth Hostel Halle
Halle Book now
from € 23,00

Halle on the river Saale is one of the oldest cities in Central Germany and enjoys an international reputation as a city of festivals and music. Details »

Youth Hostel Halle, Haus II
Halle-Saale Book now
from € 14,50

The lovingly restored houses in the historic city centre and the market square with its five towers are part of the charm of Halle, the city of salters and traders on the Saale. Details »