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Youth Hostel Barth • Reiterhof

Barth riding school (very close to the Baltic Sea) is the place where dreams come true: horse-riding holidays for families and schools classes. Details »

Youth Hostel Beckerwitz

Enjoy a holiday at the Baltic Sea surrounded by nature. Come to Beckerwitz and fulfil your childhood dreams of living in a tree house! Details »

Youth Hostel Binz
Binz Book now
from € 24,00

Enjoy a holiday on an island of Rügen, at Binz seaside resort. A great place right at the beach and in one of the most exquisite Baltic Sea spa resorts. Details »

Youth Hostel Born-Ibenhorst
Born-Ibenhorst Book now
from € 24,00

Family vacation on the Baltic Sea. At Fischland-Darß-Zingst you'll find fishing villages, seaside resorts and the fantastic nature of the Baltic Sea coast. Details »

Youth Hostel Burg Stargard
Burg Stargard Book now
from € 23,00

Sense the unique sense of community that fills our rehearsal hall for choirs, orchestras and bands. Music is all around us in Burg Stargard. Details »

Youth Hostel Feldberg

A paradise surrounded by pristine nature. If you like water sports and spending time outdoors you'll love it here! Perfect for cycling, paddling or hiking. Details »

Youth Hostel Flessenow
Flessenow Book now
from € 19,90

Flessenow on Schwerin Lake is a popular destination for school trips, family outings and those who love water sports. Details »

Youth Hostel Greifswald
Greifswald Book now
from € 23,00

Discovering Brick Gothic architecture: The Hanseatic city of Greifswald invites you to take a stroll along the harbour and into the historic centre. Details »