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Youth Hostel Aalen
Aalen Book now
from € 21,00

Soak up some culture and have some fun! Everything's possible in the Schubart-Aalen Youth Hostel, situated on the outskirts of the town's "Rohrwang" forest Details »

Youth Hostel Bad Urach
Bad Urach Book now
from € 22,50

Below the ruins of Hohenurach Castle, on the way to the waterfall, that's where you'll find the Environmental Hostel of Bad Urach, modernised in 2011. Details »

Youth Hostel Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden Book now
from € 22,50

Let your gaze wander over the town to the Rhine Plain - it´s phantastic. During the Sommer you are lured by the Hardbergbad next door in the west of Baden-Baden. Details »

Youth Hostel Balingen-Lochen

The Swabian Alb region - Earth's history live! The informal Youth Hostel is just a few metres from the Schafberg-Lochenstein Nature Reserve. Adventure, sports, Details »

Youth Hostel Biberach
Biberach Book now
from € 22,50

Want to feel good and enjoy what does you good? Biberach Youth Hostel is in a small forest above the Rißtal valley - between the Danube, Lake Constance, the Allgäu and the Swabian Details »

Youth Hostel Blaubeuren
Blaubeuren Book now
from € 21,00

Blaubeuren, with its famous Blautopf source, is in the Geopark Swabian Alb ... and the youth hostel is situated on a hill not far from it. Details »

Youth Hostel Breisach
Breisach Book now
from € 23,90

Culture or sports? In the European town of Breisach and in the Sports Hostel, situated directly on the Rhine, anything is possible. There's plenty of space to run around in on the Details »

Youth Hostel Creglingen
Creglingen Book now
from € 21,00

Creglingen Youth Hostel - fun, sports, Team, wellness - just feeling good. The romantic Tauber Valley, with its many attractions, invites you to explore it Details »