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Youth Hostel Borkum "Am Wattenmeer"

Just a few kilometres from the coast, light years away from the everyday: Welcome to Borkum! White sandy beaches stretch far and wide... Details »

Youth Hostel Cuxhaven-Duhnen

The highlight of Cuxhaven Youth Hostel is its location close to the beach. Experience the sea,the beach and the vast mudflats of the popular North Sea resort. Details »

Youth Hostel Esens-Bensersiel

Open spaces, waves, coastline and nothing but water as far as the eye can see: "Moin", as the locals say, and welcome to Esens-Bensersiel! Details »

Youth Hostel Jever
Jever Book now
from € 30,00

Welcome to Jever, the little Frisian town with the "big" name! Known far and wide beyond the borders of Frisia, the brewery is just one of many fantastic attractions Jever has to offer. Details »

Youth Hostel Juist

To the north the waves glitter in the sunlight, while to the south the Wadden Sea extends far and wide. And in between? Juist Youth Hostel! Details »

Youth Hostel Langeoog

When the ferry sets sail for Langeoog, you leave daily life behind back on the mainland. Not even cars are allowed to come with you. Details »

Youth Hostel Langeoog Zeltplatz

The fresh sea air smells of salt and adventure, and as soon as you step outside the grass tickles your feet: Here, you are surrounded by an unrivalled natural landscape! Details »

Youth Hostel Neuharlingersiel

Check in for your unforgettable holiday experience! Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, come and do exactly what YOU want. Details »