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Youth Hostel Bad Urach
Bad Urach Book now
from € 22,20

Below the ruins of Hohenurach Castle, on the way to the waterfall, that's where you'll find the Environmental Hostel of Bad Urach, modernised in 2011. Details »

Youth Hostel Born-Ibenhorst
Born-Ibenhorst Book now
from € 23,50

Family vacation on the Baltic Sea. At Fischland-Darß-Zingst you'll find fishing villages, seaside resorts and the fantastic nature of the Baltic Sea coast. Details »

Youth Hostel Bremsdorfer Mühle

Bremsdorfer Mühle Youth Hostel is in an idyllic location in the Schlaubetal Nature Park. We offer unique adventures and environmental education. Details »

Youth Hostel Brilon
Brilon Book now
from € 25,10

Whether you want to go hiking, biking, swimming, playing golf, skiing, climbing or just fancy unwinding, we offer the ideal backdrop for your relaxing trip. Details »

Youth Hostel Eichstätt
Eichstätt Book now
from € 21,40

Quarries, the Altmühl river, the Altmühl valley - Eichstätt is idyllic and baroque. Go cycling, be a beekeeper, go canoeing, make fake fossils: discover the Eichstätt Environmental Hostel. Details »

Youth Hostel Forbach-Herrenwies

Endless countryside in the in the Environmental Hostel in Forbach-Herrenwies, at an altitude of about 800 m. Details »

Youth Hostel Grumbach
Grumbach Book now
from € 20,50

Grumbach Environmental|Youth Hostel is in a listed building - the mill was built back in 1812 - so it's a real gem. Details »

Youth Hostel Lindlar
Lindlar Book now
from € 17,90

Bergisches Land cosiness meets Rhineland cheerfulness: at Lindlar Environmental Hostel, environmental protection is at the heart of programmes for school trips and leisure groups. Details »