Enjoy your meal

The more diverse, the more mmm! We will happily take your individual wishes into account when planning our meals. Enjoy your meal! If you talk to us in good time, we can also offer vegetarian dishes and special mealtimes for athletes and seminar participants. We are also happy to take religious dietary requirements into consideration.

Buffet breakfast (07:30 a.m. to 09:00 a.m):
different kinds of bread and rolls, butter, different kinds of "sweet spreads", fair trade coffee, different kinds of tea, cocoa, milk, muesli, flakes, different types each of cold cuts and cheese, fresh side-dishes, yoghurt, beverage station with water and fruit juice

Lunch (12:00 noon):
snack or packed lunch

Evening buffet (6:00 p.m.): salad buffet and/or soup, main course, dessert, beverage station with fruit juice and water.

Morning snack (by request):
e.g. coffee, tea, fruit juice, fruits, yoghurt, pastries or croissants

Afternoon snack (by request): e.g. coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries

If you book full board, you will receive a packed lunch and a hot meal in the evening when you go out on day trips. For reasons of environmental protection, we ask you to bring with you a lunchbox suitable for a packed lunch and a plastic drinks bottle.


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