Location & Directions

The Youth Hostel is part of the old convent complex and located just below the Benediktenwand massif.

By coach or car

By coach/car: A95 Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, exit Sindelsdorf.

Public transport to the Youth Hostel

By train: Munich-Kochel line, Benediktbeuren station. About five minutes walk from the station, luggage trolleys available.


Youth Hostel Benediktbeuren "Don Bosco"
"Don Bosco"

Don-Bosco-Str. 3
83671 Benediktbeuern

phone: +49 8857 8835-0
fax: +49 8857 8835-1

Björn Koalick

Geographic data

Latitude: 47° 42' 27,83"
Longitude: 11° 23' 57,43"

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